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The Not So Great Reset: The Fourth Industrial Revolution & COVID 19: A Blueprint for Global Enslavement and Depopulation

Just what is ¨The Great Reset" and the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Well as The New American reported this summer, shortly after the “Great Reset” agenda was unveiled, there are many elements to the plot. Everything must change worldwide, from education and the way business is to be conducted worldwide; to the global economy and governance, Great Reset advocates declared during the summit announcing the scheme. However, one area that has not received nearly as much attention is the plan to fuse human beings with technology under the guise of “improving” mankind.

After this Eye saw in the night visions, and behold a fourth beast, dreadful and terrible, and strong exceedingly; and it had great iron teeth: it devoured and brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with the feet of it: and it was diverse from all the beasts that were before it; and it had ten horns.  Daniel 7:7


Da New Sieze World Report
via Daniyel
Davos Klosters Ski Resort Switzerland
December 6 2020

Why do un-elected Wrothś Childś Global Bankster Cut Out Globalist Technocrats like Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and his long term side kick Dr. Anthony Fauchi; have more influence on the education of your children, economic decrees of what types of businesses have been, and will be deemed to be ¨Non-Essential¨; and public health mandates than the Governor of your State, or the elected leadership of your nation? Why has the Shame Stream Media, and Socialist Media sites like DisgraceBook, Netflix Pedo pushing Googoyle Cuties, and the overwhelming scourge of Amazon Rising now owned and controlled worldwide by a handful of Rocky Feller and Wrothś Childś approved Killionaireś like Jeffery Bees oweś us now profiting beyond the wildest dreams of the Robber Barronś the Carnegieś Vanderbiltś and Rockefellers of yesteryear?



¨I do not want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers.¨

John D. Rockefeller 1902

             Excuse me, could you please repeat your mumble? 

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America has now been taken to a much lower level; as Todayś Teachers try to herd Stray Cats in Cyberspace, while holding intelligent conversations with Mask wearing on campus students while being mandated to remain masked themselves. 

Cḿon See Tit Sinś (Citizens) of Plan Net Earth; Have we as humanity really become so dumbed down collectively as a species that we really believe that shutting down the engine of the global economy is a great idea to slow down the spread of a man made virus patented by Dr. Fauchi and the Gates of Hell Foundation is a wise decision when even if to be believed the current Worldwide Statistics for Covid 1984 on Google now state that:

66.7 million people worldwide have been infected with the mythical Corona virus, of these people 42.9 million have been deemed by health care professionals to have already successfully recovered from this UNC Chapel Hill Gain of Function researched and formulated virus that was hand delivered to the Wuhan Lab for Infectious Diseases which in a worst case scenario is now estimated by the Globalistś own figures to have resulted in the worldwide deaths so far of 1.53 million people declared to have died from any number of Comorbidity including Motorcycle accidents After being diagnosed with Covid 19; 

and do we truly believe as a species that it is better to accept by current UN estimates as reported in the Jeffery Bezos owned Washington Post that as many as 270 million people worldwide are in danger of dying from malnutrition this year alone due not to the Covid 19 virus, but to the UNelected globalist technocratic elite mandated economic shutdowns due to ridiculously myopic efforts to stop the spread of this man made PLANDEMIC??? (All write dat indeed was the Mother of all run on sentences, because the Media is complicit in feeding us the Mother of all LIES!!!) 

David Dees Obituary: A Tribute to one of the most influential Politically Incorrect Graphic Artists ever exposing the New World Odor!

Why has the former ¨Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave" suddenly fundamentally transformed itself into the land of the technocratically enslaved, home of the Covid Coward Lemingś who bow down in submission to their Neo Feudalist Masters by obediently donning face masks well known to reduce our life sustaining oxygen levels; while perilously raising our CO2 levels thus further acidifying our bloodstreams increasing our susceptibilty to cancer and other morbidities. Would you put a Dirty Diaper on your face as a Mask?

In a 2007 CDC Report: An Historical Antecedent for Modern Guidelines for Community Pandemic Influenza Mitigation 

Co-Authored by Dr. Anthony Fauchi and three of his Plandemic collaborators freely admitted that the widespread use of face masks primarily made of Cotton Gauze at the time may well have been largely responsible for the large number of deaths due to pneumonia, and other secondary bacterial infections likely caused by people constantly re-breathing their own bacteria, and virus' worldwide now estimated by the CDC to have been 50 million worldwide during the infamous Spanish flu pandemic that raged between early April 1918 through the summer of 1919. 

¨The high rate of influenza pneumonia and other complications from transmissible secondary bacterial infections in 1918 which were associated with most of the influenza mortality then..."

In his article: The Consequences of Wearing a Mask: A Scientific Review Harrison Broer presents an in depth analysis on the public health dangers of widespread mask use by those drowning in the wide width of Amazon consuming Sheeple: among the many public health consequences his well written compilation of current scientific research includes the very real long term public health risks of:

Decreased Blood Oxygen

While most agree that masks can cause hypoxia and hypercapnia, a 2008 study investigated the effect of face masks on surgeons [20]. The scientists noted the blood oxygen levels in 53 surgeons using an oximeter before and at the end of surgeries. The researchers found that the mask reduced the blood oxygen levels (pa02) significantly. The longer the duration of wearing the mask, the steeper the blood oxygen level’s decrease was [20].

While one may ask, “Why does this matter,” the importance from these points is that decreased oxygen levels are commonly associated with an immunity impairment. Research has illustrated that hypoxia increases the level of a compound called “hypoxia inducible factor-1” (HIF-1), which inhibits the central viral-fighting immune cells called the CD4+ T-lymphocyte. This effect sets the perfect stage for contracting any infection, including COVID-19, and can make the consequences of the disease much more severe. The bottom line is that one’s mask can put them at an increased risk of infections, and if so, a must worse outcome [21] [22] [23].

Can Make One’s Infection Much Worse

When a respiratory virus infects a person, they will expel the virus with each breath. This effect is called viral shedding, and it is one of the main ways that respiratory viruses spread. If this person wears a mask, especially a tightly fitting mask like an N95 mask, they will be continually rebreathing the virus, raising the viral concentration in their lungs and nasal passages. We know that people who have horrifying early-on reactions to COVID-19 have high concentrations of the virus early-on, which leads to the deadly cytokine storm in an unfortunate selected number.

It gets even more concerning.

Newer research shows that COVID-19 is not merely a respiratory virus – it affects several organs, including the brain [24] [25]. In most cases, the virus will enter the brain through the olfactory nerves [nerves responsible for smell], which connect directly into the brain near the area dealing with recent memory and memory consolidation. So, by wearing a mask, the exhaled viruses cannot escape and concentrate in the nasal passages, enter the olfactory nerves, and travel into the brain [26].

When a respiratory virus infects a person, they will expel the virus with each breath. This effect is called viral shedding, and it is one of the main ways that respiratory viruses spread. If this person wears a mask, especially a tightly fitting mask like an N95 mask, they will be continually rebreathing the virus, raising the viral concentration in their lungs and nasal passages. We know that people who have horrifying early-on reactions to COVID-19 have high concentrations of the virus early-on, which leads to the deadly cytokine storm in an unfortunate selected number.

his article also touches on the dangers that wide spread mask wearing poses due to increased toxicity to the human body by accumulated elevated levels of CO2 in the bloodstream:

  • That CO2 initiates a fear response is particularly intriguing because rising CO2 forewarns suffocation, a terrifying situation that demands sensitive detection and action to ensure survival. Thus, it is interesting that evolution positioned a sensor for hypercarbic acidosis [elevated carbon dioxide] in the amygdala, a structure that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system for fight-or-flight and links to other brain regions involved in the response to threat. Thus, the amygdala both senses a threat, posed by CO2, and initiates a response.

What is the Endgame? What is the Great Reset; the Forth Industrial Revolution, and the Agenda behind COVID 1984 really all about? 

In his now infamous article for WIRED Magazine: 

Why the Future Doesn´t Need us Bill Joy became a Kill Joy 20 years ago when this article was first published on April 1st, 2000 turned out to be a very twisted admission of the emerging technocratic elite that was no April Fools Joke, rather an open warning to humanity worldwide that the real powers behind the scenes of global governance, international banking, and multinational corporations would someday exploit the ¨most powerful 21st Century technologies: Robotics, Genetic Engineering, Nanotech, and the sinister agenda beyond the economic exploitation of the masses via Big Pharma to render the vast majority of the global workforce obsolete in the near future, eerily reminiscent of Rod Serling´s The Twilight Zone episode titled: 

The Obsolete Man!  Now just as the acquisition of YouTube by Google has rendered the former YouTube Channels of countless Video content providers have now been declared to be obsolete we are no longer granted permission as mere Neo Feudal Peasants to freely watch this classic episode freely in itś entirety. Now the Technocratic elite whose openly aspiration to drastically reduce worldwide populations now nearing 8 Billion people, down to less than 500 million people; as in an estimated survivor rate of 16% or less of all of us currently living worldwide by the year 2030. 

Those deemed as ¨essential¨ for the future are essentially known collectively as the 1%, the wealthiest segment of the upper class, and the top scientists, robotic engineers, computer support specialists, medical providers, United Nations approved global governors, One World Military armaments designers, and support crews; a handful of Educators, local level bureaucrats, and Global Police State engineers primarily involved and maintaining the RoboCops and surveillance drones of the future; along with just enough of the Servant class; to provide for the UNpleasant tasks of being Groundskeepers for the elites continued fascination with Golf Courses, Swiss Ski Resorts, and Polo Grounds etc. and those deemed essential to serve the daily needs of the Technocratic Elite as Chefs, Gardeners, Palace Keepers, and underage youth, and beautiful young adults deemed essential to service the sordid sexual fantasies, and desires of the Lolita Express Jet Set Guests of the future to maintain the optimal levels of Blackmail control over the future Global Governance Officials by the Global Intelligence Network singular of the future. 

The Great Reset, and the Fourth Industrial Revolution are mutually overlapping agendas currently promoted via slick 21st Century Propaganda platforms such as YouTube, as well as in freely accessible White Papers that are both terms extensively documented by the German Professor Klaus Schwab the 82 year old founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum a High Finance, and World Economics Globalist Think Tank openly, and boldly predicting how humankind will now best tackle the myriad of man made global crisis ranging from solving the current COVID 19 PLANDEMIC to man made climate change by sacking the legacy of the Rockefeller Standard Oil controlled so called ¨Fossil Fuel¨ Industry in favor of the Soylent Green New Deal. While Eye certainly am not the first researcher to comment on the uncanny resemblance of Klaus Schwab to the penultimate bald James Bond Super villain complete with his thick Teutonic accent, albeit with glasses rather that a monocle; Professor Schwab is now openly emerging as an open Mouthpiece of the infamous global banking Rothschild family; whose aspirations for total global economic control are now merging with Bill Gates aspirations for implementing the legendary End Times Global economics system that the scarier parts of the Bible refer to as The Mark of the Beast. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Shadow Gate Full Film: Why was Journalist/Film Producer Millie Weaver Arrested on Eve of Filmś Release?

Watch Shadow Gate Full Film Here:

See Raw Footage of the Arrest of Millie and Gavin Wheeler:
Conservative Journalist/Film Producer Millie Weaver was Arrested & Jailed Ahead Of her 'ShadowGate' Documentary Release Millie Weaver, widely known as Millennial Millie, a 29-year old conservative new media video and print journalist with a large following online, was arrested at her home in Ohio on Friday morning. Police officers apparently from a local SWAT team took Weaver to the Portage County Jail in Ravenna, Ohio where she is being held without bail until at least Monday for a “tentative status hearing.”

 A short video captured on her cell phone as she was being taken away was posted online. The news of Weaver’s arrest was immediately taken note of on social media as the Twitter hashtags #freemillie and #freemillieweaver quickly trended. 

Talk show host and licensed investigator Doug Hagmann, on whose program Weaver was a guest on July 3, obtained a copy of Weaver’s custody record, which is public information, with additional background from his sources which he cited in an article: According to the information I obtained through my investigative inquiries (and partially detailed in the video of her arrest), she was indicted by a grand jury seated in Ohio. The indictment was sealed until served. The nature of her alleged offenses appears to be “process crimes” (e.g. Obstruction of Justice, Tampering with Evidence). 

 In an article Friday at activist post, Spiro Skouras wrote that he also “contacted the Portage County Sheriff’s Office and they confirmed Millie Weaver is in their custody. They also confirmed that she was served a secret indictment. “

Friday, August 7, 2020

Bibi Vindicated? Netanyahu Falsely Accused of Pinpointing Precise Location of Port of Beirut Explosions in his Infamous A Picture Worth a Thousand Missiles Speech before the U.N. General Assembly in 2018

Nano-Seconds after the second major explosion at the Port of Beirut @ 6:08 p.m. Local Time a Mushroom Cloud like man-made water vapor cloud engulfed and obscured the central red fireball in the center of this image. Shockwaves broke thick glass windows up to 10 miles away from the epicenter of this blast, and the force of this was felt in Cyprus 150 miles away. Is this incident a foreshadow of the future of Damascus Syria? Only Time Will Tell

Compare the Shockwave expanding at nearly the speed of sound on the oceans surface in both the image above in living color of Tuesdayś explosions at the Port of Beirut, as well as this black, and white image from the first atomic bomb test at the Bikini Atoll following World War II. While radioactive fallout has not been detected at or around the epicenter of the Beirut explosions, the physical effects of the secondary explosion are errily reminiscent of the Bikini nuclear explosion in that both capsized and sunk nearby ships!

Before Blast Satellite Image of the Epicenter of Tuesdays Explosions at the Port of Beirut. An 8 story tall Grain Silo is at the center of this image, with the primary target of the bomb featured in the Video below was the Warehouse to the right of the Silo.  Via Planet Labs/CNN

Da New Seas World Report
via Daniyel
הר הכרמל ישראל
Har HaKarmel Yisrael
August 7, 2020

In the aftermath of the devastating series of explosions at the Port of Beirut on Tuesday August 4th, the Lebanese Government diligently began the forensic investigative process of getting to the literal bottom of the massive crater now resembling a man made lagoon as you can see in the After Satellite Image below. Two Official explanations quickly emerged of just what had caused this calamity in the Levant; and perhaps the truth is the combination of these two accounts is what caused the second massive explosion. Apparently a welder accidentally ignited a vast cache of Fireworks in a Warehouse located just east of Lebanonś second largest grain storage silo. Fireworks clearly can be seen going off in the flashes of light in this Global News video below.  
Whatever was the cause of Tuesdays devastating blasts notice how the Mediterranean Sea swiftly reclaimed the vaporized concrete and rebar man-made structure beneath the now obliterated warehouse that was sturdy enough to support the massive Grain Silo located at the center of this image along with several large port-side warehouses along the Port of Beirut. 

The second explanation is that the massive second explosion was caused by the ignition of at least 2,750 Tons of Ammonium Nitrate (yes the same chemical fertilizer used in the 1995 bombing of the Murrow Federal Building in Oklahoma City) that had been confiscated aboard a ship in Lebanese waters back in 2013, and apparently inexplicably still sitting in the now annihilated Port side warehouse.
Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab promised that his government would not rest until justice is served on whoever might ultimately be proven to be responsible for this most powerful bomb-like explosion in Middle East history:

“I will not rest until we find the person responsible for what happened, to hold him accountable and impose the most severe penalties,” Hassan Diab

The Epicenter of Tuesdays massive explosions at the Port of Beirut was a warehouse located above the waters between the now stranded ship, and the devastated Grain silo on the upper left of this image. Notice the avalanche of corn that settled between the Grain Silo and the new waters edge.      Image Credit Marwan Tahtah/Getty Images 

Yet according to a handful of eyewitnesses, and as you can see for yourself on at least a couple of videos posted below on Social Media by citizens of Beirut, there remains credible evidence that at least the second and most devastating explosion which Beirut residents described as resembling  a Mushroom Cloud-like explosion came from an ordnance streaking in from high altitude above the Mediterranean Sea from west to east. Lebanese President Michel Aoun has not eliminated the possibility that the series of explosions were caused by a rocket, missile, or bomb: 

¨The cause has not yet been determined yet. There is a possibility of external interference through a rocket, or bomb, or other act.¨ 

Now does this geographic correction of fellow researchers in the Independent Media prove conclusively that Israel was not responsible for Tuesdays explosions that left countless tens of thousands homeless in Beirut while decimating Lebanons grain reserves already severely stressed by Covid 19 Agricultural, and Shipping shutdowns? 

Only Time Will Tell, yet watch the videos below and do your own diligent research, and please share your own insights, yet one thing is now becoming more and more Crystal Clear in our vision with each passing day in this year of 2020:

And ye shall hear of wars, and rumors of wars...For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and there shall be famines and pestilences, and earthquakes in diverse places...All these are the beginning of sorrows. 
Matthew 26:6-7

How much longer until we witness the Burden of Damascus? Only Time Will Tell. Noah mo betta you get yourself right with your Creator, and your behind onto the eternal lifeboat Captained by ישוע המשיח  Yahushua HaMasiach, a.k.a. Jesus of Nazareth for verily there shall be rough seas ahead!  You have been warned!

Oye Vey, ET Lukes like both Twitter & Facebook have already Memory Holed these two videos that gave evidence of the cause of at least the second explosion at the Port of Beirut was from a Missile, or other Airborne Ordnance flying in from Left to Right from an elevated position off the Mediterranean Sea to strike the doomed Warehouse that was already exploding. 

This Video is still working: Raw Footage from different angles reveal the power of the second explosion.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Port of Beirut Devastated by Mushroom Cloud Explosion: Initial Analysis of Raw Video Footage

A massive explosion rocked the Lebanese Capital of Beirut around 6 p.m. local time, with preliminary count of over 100 dead, and injuring over 4,000 additional persons, with countless people still missing. 

Da New Sees World Report
via Daniyel 
Haifa Israel
August 4, 2020

While Beirut has experienced beyond their share of bombings over the past several decades, Tuesday evenings two stage explosion at what is believed to be a seaside warehouse in the Port area of the Lebanese Capital is unprecedented in its scale; leaving even ballistics experts baffled as to the true nature of the explosions. Lebanese Officials have come up with two explanations for these devastating explosions. The first was that this now totally vaporized warehouse contained a huge cache of fireworks; while the second official story now parroted by the Main Stream Media is that this warehouse contained a vast quantity of ammonium nitrate a fertilizer well known for its explosive potential since the infamous Oklahoma City bombing of the Murrah Federal building in 1995. Not unlike the scarred face of the Murrah building, Tuesdayś explosions have severely damaged the Ports primary grain silos a structure similar in size the the Oklahoma City Federal building, which is believed to have held as much as 85% of Lebanons total grain reserves at a time when agricultural & shipping shutdowns due to Covid 19 have already decimated the countries grain reserves. 

With the recent string of mysterious fires and explosions in Iran, as well as Syria with credible ties to Israeli culpability it did not take long before finger pointing in the Levant accused Israel for Tuesdayś explosions, an accusation that Jerusalem has flat out denied. 

While multiple eyewitnesses to Tuesdayś  second blast have stated that Beirut´s explosion looked at first impression to be that of a nuclear bomb. Yet scientists quickly determined that no nuclear fallout was present afterwards. While the water vapor from this second explosion in Beirut closely resembles that of the Baker Atomic Bomb set off at the Bikini atoll in 1946, this may well be due to the proximity of this warehouse to the Mediterranean Sea. If you examine the image in the following tweet you will see a significant lagoon now present in the very place where the warehouse that became ground zero in Tuesdayś explosions stood until around 6 p.m. local time. The initial explosion and fires indeed show what may well have been significant fireworks explosions, which may well have ignited the large stockpile of 2,750 Tons of ammonium nitrate which allegedly was seized from an abandoned ship in the harbor of Beirut since 2014. While all previous videos of significant explosions believed to be caused by the ignition of ammonium nitrate, could it be that the uniqueness of this secondary explosion to this former warehouse in the Port of Beirut was due to a massive amount of water vapor due to the proximity of the Mediterranean Sea?

So just what is the truth behind this latest devastating blow to the economy, and infrastructure of Lebanon? Only time will tell. Yet key insight from Faisal Itani a Geopolitical analyst who grew up as a hard working Longshoreman at the Port of Beirut now writing for the New York Times has shared his unique perspective: 

¨By all appearances the port disaster did not involve the usual suspects — Hezbollah, Israel, jihadist terrorism or the government of neighboring Syria. The truth seems to be both duller and more disturbing: Decades of rot at every level of Lebanon’s institutions destroyed Beirut’s port, much of the city, and far too many lives. It is precisely the banality behind the explosion that captures the particular punishment and humiliation heaped on Lebanon.¨

¨It’s unclear what combination of these elements let a bomb-in-waiting sit in a warehouse for almost six years, moved fireworks next to it and allowed irresponsible work practices to be carried out nearby. But the catastrophe, while exceptionally severe, is the result of business as usual in Lebanon. The country is familiar with explosions, and it is just as familiar with disasters caused by failures of public services: a garbage crisis that dates back to 2015, an environmental catastrophe in 2019 and power outages this year that last up to 20 hours a day.
The consequences of yesterday’s explosion will be even more serious than the immediate casualties and property damage. The main grain silo, which holds some 85 percent of the country’s cereals, was destroyed. Even more, the port will no longer be able to receive goods. Lebanon imports 80 percent of what it consumes, including 90 percent of its wheat, which is used to make the bread that is the staple of most people’s diets. About 60 percent of those imports come through the port of Beirut. Or, at least, they did.
The timing couldn’t be worse. An economic crisis has devastated Lebanon for several months. The country’s currency has collapsed, a problem that is itself a result of years of mismanagement and corruption. Hundreds of thousands of people can no longer buy fuel, food and medicine. As Lebanese have seen their savings wiped out and their purchasing power disappear, a new vocabulary appeared among even my optimistic Lebanese friends and family. To describe the country, they began using words like “doomed” and “hopeless.”

World-Grain.com reports: The explosion caused significant damage to the Beirut Port Silos, which have total grain storage capacity of 120,000 tonnes. The silos consist of 48 big cells with a capacity of 2,500 tonnes per cell, 50 small cells with a capacity of 500 tonnes per cell and a suction speed of 600 tonnes per hour. Damage to the silos could be seen in news photos as well as piles of spilled grain.
In addition to damaging the country’s national wheat silos, the blast also damaged two ships that were off loading wheat at the time of the explosion and a nearby flour mill, Al-Akhbar, a local newspaper reported.
Patricia Bakalian, chief executive officer of the Bakalian Flour Mills, told the local newspaper, “the mill is not really okay, but we can deal with it tomorrow.” She said a damage assessment of the mill would be conducted.
Kinglsy Ambrose, PhD, a grain dust explosion specialist who is an associate professor in the Department of Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University, told World Grain it appears that a secondary grain dust explosion did not occur at the port. He noted that the grain silos, while damaged, were still standing following the blast.
“From the preliminary reports it seems that ammonium nitrate is the sole fuel,” he said. “Grain dust would have damaged the silos completely.”
The port conducts 60% of Lebanon’s imports and about 85% of the country’s cereals are stored in the Beirut Port Silos, according to Mena Commodities.
It is estimated that 15,000 tonnes of wheat was being stored at the Beirut Port Silos at the time of the explosion. It was perhaps fortunate that a relatively small amount of grain was stored in the silo at the time of the blast.

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The Answer: David Icke Reveals How they Pulled off the Pandemic: The Worldś Greatest Hoax

We live in extraordinary times with billions bewildered and seeking answers for what is happening. David Icke, the man who has been proved right again and again, has spent 30 years uncovering the truth behind world affairs and in a stream of previous books he predicted current events. The Answer will change your every perception of life and the world and set you free of the illusions that control human society. There is nothing more vital for our collective freedom than humanity becoming aware of what is in this book. 

The Answer is available now at https://shop.davidicke.com/product/the-answer-by-david-icke/