Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chem-Trails Government Fact, No Longer Conspiracy Theory

Declassified Government Climate Science Report Establishes the Truth Behind the Chem-Trail Agenda the Document is Titled:
Atmospheric Aerosol
Properties and
Climate Impacts

Read the 128 page PDF File for yourself!


Chemtrails & Da Pre-Trib Fib: Da Signs of da Times!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Is the TEA Party movement truly infested with racists who hate President Obama simply because he happens to be the son of an African father? See the shocking truth for yourself! Are those who choose to play the race card the real haters?

The presenter of the following video has seasoned his First Amendment protected views with some un-bleeped words. His viewpoints however are quite insightful as he reveals the true agenda behind the media's slanderous labeling of TEA Party participants of "being a bunch of racists!"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Since Obama Took Over...

Hitler,Mao, Stalin, and F.D.R. were toasting, boasting, and roasting away in the smoking section of hell on the day after Obama signed the Health Care Bill when they spotted a red phone. so they asked Satan what the phone is for. Satan told them that it was a special phone to call back to the living on the face of the Earth.

Hitler asked if he could call Germany, and after talking for 5 minutes Satan informed Hitler that the call would cost him 1 million Euros for Long Distance Charges. So Hitler hesitatingly wrote him a check.

Chairman Mao asked if he could be next and called China, after his 10 minute conversation Satan told him that his call cost 18 million Yuan Renminbi, so Mao promptly wrote out his check.

Stalin then picked up the phone and talked to Russia for 30 minutes. Satan informed him that his Long Distance cost was 240 million Rubles, so Stalin said "what difference does it make, it's only paper in hell!" and willingly wrote him a check.

F.D.R. then asked if he could really talk to the White House as he picked up the phone. Satan said "Why of course it's already on Speed Dial!" and quickly informed him that he would not accept a check from a U.S. Bank or even U.S. Currency for his call, yet Satan told him to go ahead and dial anyway and that he would cut him a Special New Deal! F.D.R. said "No problem I already confiscated tons of gold from the American Citizens!"

After talking to Washington D.C. for over 6 hours F.D.R. finally put the phone down, and asked Satan "How much gold do I owe you?" Hitler, Mao and Stalin all went totally ballistic when Satan informed them all that it was a free call. Hitler, Mao, and Stalin all demanded an explanation in unison.

Satan just smiled and replied:

"Your countries have long benefited from the redistribution of wealth from the U.S.A. since F.D.R.'s New Deal began, however since Obama took over as President the U.S.A. has totally gone to hell, so you see it's just a local call now!"