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An Obamanable Fraud: Obama's Birth Certificate Version 3.0 is Proof of the Authenticity of his Audacity to be the Fake Leader of Phony Nationalism in the Age of the Fabled Glory of Globalization

Leader of the Free World or adolescent Peacock?

Da New Sees World Report
via Daniyel
Makaha Beach HI
April 29, 2011

With the release of President Obama's "official long form Birth Certificate" this past week the Main Stream media has officially declared "Case Closed" and to those to whom Media Matters most the minions of George Soros have already unleashed what they HOPE to be an easy mop on job on any remaining "After-Birther's," few folks really understand is that this entire Birther Row Began with Hillary Clinton.

UPDATE June 2012:

Is the President the President?

A Hereditary Peers’ Briefing Paper by Lord Christopher Monckton
ARTICLE II, section 1, of the United States Constitution, "no person except a natural born Citizen … shall be eligible for the Office of President". On 27 April 2011, two days after an opinion poll had found that 62% of voters doubted whether Mr. Barack Obama had been born on U.S. soil, Mr. Obama posted a purported image of his long-form Hawaiian birth certificate at Yet the results of a six-month criminal investigation made public by Sheriff Joseph Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, on 1 March 2012 found the document to be a manifest forgery. Further results are expected in mid-June.

A senior judge of the Alabama Supreme Court has held obiter that documentation presented by a petitioner for mandamus against Mr. Obama,

"if presented to the appropriate forum, … would raise serious questions about the authenticity of both the ‘short-form’ and the ‘long-form’ birth certificates of President Barack Hussein Obama that have been made public" (ex p. McInnish, Alabama S.C., March 27, 2012).


What Time is it? It Luke's like 1984 has finally come to Oceania in the 21st Century:



Gulf Seafood is totally safe, and Radiation is good for you.   Full Naked Body Scanners are Liberty & Having TSA Agents stick their hands down our pants is real Security. 
Osama's al-Qaeda is Bad, Libya's al-Qaeda Rebels are good!
Qaddafi is a Terrorist, Why Gadhafi is now a Good Guy?
Gadhafi is now an evil tyrant who must go!
The Amish are good, but: selling raw milk is Terrorism! 

Obama's Theater of the audacity of arrogance: With the release of his "Official Long Form Birth Certificate" it is now painfully clear; The Main Stream Corporate Media have completely sold their collective soul's to their Globalist minions as genuine investigation by the Media Harlots is now ancient History. As they serve only the interests of their Globalist Master Class Theater Puppet Masters.

"Freedom of the press is not, and has never been a private property right granted to those who own the news media. It is a cherished and almost sacred right of each citizen to be informed about current events on a timely basis so each can exercise his discretion in determining the destiny and security of himself, other people, and the Nation." Florida Supreme Court 1977

Once upon a time America's "Free Press" earned the well deserved reputation of being our nations "Fourth Branch of Government" whose members took pride in helping to keep a keen eye upon the  three branches of our government to help to keep political corruption in check. Nowa-day's perhaps the clearest evidence that Western society is indeed rapidly descending into a 1984 like Police State of total tyranny, is the way that truth is being sucked down the memory hole via the corporate controlled mass media.  

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto dim that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! EYE SAY YAH 5:20-21

This past week on his Radio Show Sean Hannity in response to a caller spoke out against those who try to "Pigeon Hole" others by "putting labels on them." Moments later he presented as conclusive evidence that Van Jones is a total radical is that the former Obama Green Jobs Czar is a "9/11 Truther!" As if anyone who dares to challenge the "Official 9/11 Commission Report" is as radical as Hannity, and Glenn Beck believe Van Jones to be!

Now as verified by the royal authority of FOX, CNN, MSNBC, etc. etc. ad nauseum any U.S. citizen who continues to question the veracity of Obama's Birth Certificate version 3.0  is a "Racist After-Birther" who deserves to be permanently ostracized by their enlightened mass media masters, and deserve to be laughed outta town by their fellow citizens. 

Imagine not John Lennon's vision of man-made Utopia, yet rather the eternal righteousness of the coming Kingdom of Heaven after the return of Messiah יהושׁע to rule Plan Neat Earth, not by the tyrannical force that is coming quickly upon mankind during the limited reign of the Anti-Messiah, but by a genuine establishment of eternal peace, truth, and righteousness at long last upon Planet Earth. 

Imagine being able to trust one another, in each and every statement we make to each other! Imagine not having to consider if there is a sinister agenda behind the words, deeds, and actions of the leaders of our world. Imagine a world where a President will never again have the audacity to "Break In" upon a no longer existing assortment of commercial Television Networks to strut his lying face like an adolescent NBC Peacock! 

Imagine a world where we no longer judge one another based upon the color of their skin, but rather on the content of their character. Imagine a world where Pastor James Manning of ATLAH Ministries in Harlem no longer needs to make YouTube Videos speaking out about the Pure Unadulterated Evil of Barack Hussein Obama. 

Imagine a world where the Black Pastor Manning is not accused of hating Obama just because Obama is Half-White, and where White folk's are no longer accused of hating President Obama just because he's Black! And White Media Harlot's stop accusing Patriotic folk's who happen to have White skin of being racists just because they are Politically, and Socially Conservative in nature.

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow: The Mad Cow of Obama Mania

Imagine that racism is no longer an issue, and the venerable wisdom of Rachel Maddow and the rest of the MSNBC, and all other Talking Head Puppets who are quite often the first to "play the race card" have been cast into the Lake of Fire and Brimstone. Stay Tuned this is not fantasy Island, this is the eternal WORD of יהוה

Imagine a world where nobody needs any stinkin' Birth Certificate because our Creator shall be dwelling with us, and shall Judge all significant matters in Truth, Justice, and Da Universal Way of:
YAH WHO WAY In the meanwhile may God Save U.S. from the Queen, and from the Prince Who is to Come!

In Honor of Obama's glorious triumph over the masses of unwashed "Birther's" The House of Windsor officially released the Obama's Invitation to The Royal Wedding. Just as clearly as it is to see that this Invitation is totally bogus, for anyone with eyes to see, and ears to hear this latest version of Obama's Birth Certificate is clearly totally fraudulent. It truly makes one wonder: 

Is the Birther Circus a White House Political Ploy?

Paul Joseph Watson
April 28, 2011

The White House’s decision to wade into the contentious echo chamber of the so-called “birther” issue just months before the campaign trail for 2012 begins, by releasing a dubious document that has only intensified the firestorm of interest surrounding the issue, is either political suicide or part of a well thought out ploy aimed at securing Obama a second term in the Oval Office.

If Obama’s decision to release what purports to be his long form birth certificate was designed to kill the “birther movement,” it’s likely to have the opposite effect. This is already starting to look like a massive shot in the arm for a topic that has gone from the fringes of political discourse to the center of national attention.

Whether or not the birth certificate is a forgery is ultimately beside the point, because whatever the truth, Americans will eagerly jump headlong into another left-right punch-and-judy sideshow that will be enflamed by talking heads from both sides of the phony political paradigm while their attention is taken away from issues of national and global significance.

While the birther issue cannot be proven either way, the fact that Obama has completely deserted every tenet of his pre-election platform, deepening U.S. military involvement overseas as another war rages in Libya, racking up record levels of debt as the economy stagnates and dollar collapses, doing nothing to reverse America’s decline into a predatory, TSA-run grope down police state, all these things can conclusively be proven.

Americans continue to be obsessed with birther-fever as the de-industrialization of the country accelerates and the United States military is used as the muscle for globalist wars which only serve to bankrupt the nation and leave future generations responsible for paying the economic and geopolitical consequences.


Clues Left in Obama ‘Birth Forgery’ on Purpose?


ADOBE Book editor positive: Obama certificate is phony

       'Altered document is manufactured, or in everyday parlance-a forgery'                                                                                                 

Image released by the White House April 27, 2011

Remember when "Made in the U.S.A." meant genuine quality? Initial examination of Obama's "Official Long Form Birth Certificate" has researchers scratching their heads as to just why the President of the United States, with all the resources at his command to produce a document to fool even top expert examiners if he so desired, would have the audacity to release such a poorly constructed "Sophomoric cut and paste" hack job!  Perhaps he should have outsourced this job to Columbian counterfeiters! Nah, when you are in League with the Government Sachs Banksters there's no real need to bother with making a high quality forgery!!!!!!

Birth certificate of Gretchen Nordyke, one of two twin sisters born at what was known in 1961 as the Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital in Honolulu, Hawaii.Notice the clearly evident Watermark at the bottom of this authentic document that lists the Birthdate of August 5, 1961 that actually has a File Number 151 61-10638 that is Three less than that shown on Obama's certificate that lists his Birthdate as August 4, 1961. Despite the fact that date of acceptance of Gretchen Nordyke's certificate was on August 11, 1961 Three days after Obama's Registration date of August 8, 1961 

 A tale of two birth certificates

'Rosetta Stone' documents provide comparison

Digital Artifacts Prove Obama Birth Certificate Altered

Kurt Nimmo
April 28, 2011

 As we originally noted and has been mentioned by a number of electronic image experts, one of the most glaring details demonstrating Obama’s purported birth certificate is a fraud is the presence of digital artifacts.

Digital images often contain unwanted information known as artifacts. In the blow up below of Obama’s supposed birth certificate, we can see digital artifacts as areas of white outlining text and graphical elements on the page. I brought a capture of the original PDF into Photoshop and enlarged it and increased the contrast in order to show the artifacts.

Upon first inspection, the document appears to be a photocopy taken from state records and printed on official green paper. However, when the government released PDF is taken into the image editing program Adobe Illustrator, we discover a number of separate elements that reveal the document is not a single scan on paper, as one might surmise. Elements are placed in layers or editing boxes over the scan and green textured paper, which is to say the least unusual.

When sections of the document are enlarged significantly, we discover glaring inconsistencies. For instance, it appears the date stamped on the document has been altered. Moreover, the document contains text, numbers, and lines with suspicious white borders indicating these items were pasted from the original scan and dropped over a background image of green paper.  READ MORE

Obama Birth Certificate is Just as Authentic as the Money Supply, the Food Supply and Obamacare

Mike Adams
Natural News
Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Birthers just don’t know when to quit, do they? Now that the White House has released President Obama’s birth certificate, the case is now closed, but they just won’t stop ranting about it. Why are these birthers still complaining?

They claim the birth certificate document is a fake. Why does that matter? But of course the document is a fake. It’s not “merely” fake; it’s so fake that the whole thing has become an IQ test for figuring out how many people can be so easily fooled by a fake.

 If I turned in a document like this as part of an effort to get a home loan, for example, and I assembled it layer by layer with obvious cutting and pasting of numbers from multiple sources in order to fake my reported income levels, I would be guilty of a felony crime. At the very least, I would be laughed out of the room. “Are you kidding me? This is your best attempt at falsifying an income statement?” they would say. Even a high school kid with a scanner and Photoshop knows how to make a more convincing forgery than this…

For an explanation of why it’s all so obviously a fake, watch this:

But I ask the far more important question: Does it matter that it’s a fake in the first place? Given that most of the U.S. government’s job statistics are fake, and that the U.S. dollar is being counterfeited on a daily basis by the Fed, and that virtually the entire U.S. economy is built on fake “abundance” that’s really just more debt spending… isn’t it is some way actually more authentic to have a President at the helm who faked his birth certificate?

It’s almost like he’s more qualified for the job, you see, running the fake economy with fake dollars while the mainstream media distributes all the fake news. And then in between the fake news bits, the advertisers come on and promote their fake foods, and fake pharmaceuticals which are approved based on faked science approved by FDA regulators who are faking it, too.

Couples are now artificially fertilized (fake conception!), and when their children are born, they feed them fake milk (infant formula). They grow up on fake sweeteners and fake (artificial) colors. In school, they’re taught fake U.S. history so that they have fake ideas of how the world really works. When they’re old enough, they get to participate in faked voting schemes where the winners are already determined.

And thanks to the internet, we live in a world of fake friends, fake emotions and fake sex. Football games are played on fake grass, and today’s “reality” TV shows are all faked, too. Professional wrestling is fake (but MMA isn’t), and most of the news consumed by the masses is entirely fabricated. Even the science behind most of modern medicine is faked, fabricated or twisted around in order to get the results the drug companies want to see.

And oh yeah, the drugs are faked, too, especially the antidepressants which appear to work only because of the Placebo Effect — which is real, even though it only exists in the mind.

We need more leaders who embrace fakery

For the most part, we are fake people living in a fake world engaged in fake interactions. So why shouldn’t we have a fake President with a fake birth certificate to top it all off?
I don’t know what the problem is here with the obviously fake birth certificate. Of course it’s a fake. But isn’t that what we vote for when we vote for any president? After all, presidential election campaigns are all about making fake promises uttered with fake smiles as part of faked speeches that are actually written by somebody else and read on the teleprompter.

In fact, I would argue that Obama’s faked birth certificate makes him more authentic than any other President in American history. It is precisely this mastery of fakery that has allowed Obama to deliver fake health care reform, faked world peace (new war on Libya!), and faked preparedness (radioactive fallout from Fukushima? Don’t prepare!)


Obama's releases his "Official Birth Video" at the White House Correspondent's Dinner:

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Royal Wedding Secrets Exposed: May God Save U.S. from the Queen, and her Princes and from the Red Dragon!

The Beauty and the Beast? Will Prince William truly be the Biblical Son of Perdition?

Lucifer's Destiny: Royal Wedding, Birthquakes, and Resurrection

Sealed with a Kiss: Has William Arthur Phillip Louis
 finally sewn his Royal Oats?
Pomp and Circus Dance: The Mythical House of Windsor sure can
 put on one "Hell of a Show!" at the British "Subjects" expense 
Royal Wedding Secrets Exposed: May God Save U.S. from
 the Queen and from The Prince Who Is to Come

 Da New Sees World Report
via Daniyel
April 29, 2011

As a worldwide audience of an estimated Two Billion viewers vicariously watched in subconcious worship of the couple that to 
many represents: "The Hope of the World, a small remnant of Bible believers, and a larger number of folks who are adamantly opposed 
to "The British Monarchy," and/or "The Anglo/American New 
World Order" could not help but feel sheer utter contempt for the 
past, present, and future tyrannical evil deeds of the Germanic Saxe-Coburg-Gotha ruling Monarchy in Britian that took 
on the psuedonym of "Windsor" to cloak their true Germanic
 identity during World War One.

By and large the English speaking peoples of the world have bought
 into the lie that the modern British Royal Family is only ceremonial
 in nature, and has no real significant wealth or power. In fact the
 "House of Windsor" controlled by 85 year old Queen Elizabeth II posseses unimaginable wealth, and wields extraordinary power not
 just over the remnant of the British Commonwealth, but essentially
 the entire world.

"I have no power of my own, but I have influence - And you 
will have to see what I do with it" - Prince Charles


Now as the Anglo/French/American Coalition is waging a "Humanitarian War" in Libya, and the entire world's economy is
 on the verge of systemic collapse the mythical "House of Windsor"
 has put on a spectacle such as never seen before, as a vast portion 
of Humanity seems all too ready to literally worship Prince William,
 and his Bride Kate as the Neo-DeFacto King and Queen of Planet

“All these questions about do you want to be king? It's not a
 question of wanting to be, it's something I was born into and
 it's my duty. . . . Wanting is not the right word. But those stories about me not wanting to be king are all wrong.” Prince William
"My What a Lovely Couple they make!" 

Royal Irony: ArchBishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams exhorts the Royal Wedding audience to
 "duly consider the causes by which matrimony was ordained, (by God) first for the increase of 
mankind according to the will of God, and that children might be brought up in the fear and
 nuture of the Lord, and to the praise of his Holy Name."

How does the Royal Family really believe about the "increase of mankind?"

"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a
 killer virus to lower human population levels" (Prince Philip
 Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund, quoted
 in "Are You Ready for Our New Age Future?" Insiders Report, American Policy Center, December 1995).

Prince William became the 1,000 Knight of the Order of the Garter which is the innermost circle of International Freemasonry

Prince William Takes Two Huge Steps towards becoming the: "Masonic Christ"  

John Coleman, a former British intelligence analyst in his Book:
 The Committee of 300 writes:

“We have been so brainwashed that we believe the British royal family is just a nice, harmless and colorful institution, and so we fail to realize just how corrupt, and therefore highly dangerous is this institution called the British Monarchy. The Knights of the Order of
 the Garter are the INNERMOST circle of the most corrupt public servants who have utterly betrayed the trust placed in them by their nation and their people.

The Knights of the Order of the Garter, is Queen Elizabeth’s most trusted “privy council.”…The Knights of the Garter are the inner sanctum, the elite of the elite of Her Majesty’s Most Venerable 
Order of St. John of Jerusalem…
 …Like the present royal family, Lord Palmerston, (one of the 
founders of the opium dynasty in China,) like so many of his kind,
 was not only a Freemason, but also a dedicated follower of Gnosticism. Like the present royal family, Palmerston made a 
pretense of being Christian, but was in fact a practicing Satanist.
 Many Satanists became leaders in the hierarchy of the British aristocracy. “

In The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines Volume I author Fritz Springmeier reveals:

“The British royal family have long been involved with the occult. They have also been actively involved with Freemasonry…Prince Charles (and now Prince William as well) travel(s) all over the world participating in important behind the scenes meetings, and like Queen Elizabeth II (they are) central member(s) of the Order of the Garter…

…The British royalty have served as important figureheads to British Freemasonry, lending credibility and respectability…However, much of the credibility of British Freemasonry is undeserved…the lower level Masons, by their dues and activities, are unwittingly supporting an organization that is led by Satanists at the top…

…MI6 has run drugs worldwide for the Illuminati. British MI6 has been a major vehicle for the Satanic hierarchy working behind the
 veil of Freemasonry to control world events. It is the most secret
 large intelligence organization in the world…

Finally it should be noted in this overview, which shows how 
England is the center for the Illuminati, that the AntiChrist is
 claimed to have his present throne in London. A number of independent ex-Illuminati sources have described the event of
 coming before his presence, which is, they say, overwhelming; 
the immediate reaction of all those coming into his presence is, apparently to want to worship him.”

Wills it be an "Old Geezer" or a "Young Pleaser" who
 ultimately becomes the next King of the British Empire?

HRV: His Royal Virus Prince Phillip
Too much "Riff Raff" outside your Front Gate?

Prince Phillip has an ultimate solution:

"If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels" (Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund, quoted in "Are You Ready for Our New Age Future?" Insiders Report, American Policy Center, December 1995).

Prince Charles has declared that as King he will be known as "The Defender of Faith" as in all Faiths
Traditionally as the Head of the Church of England  the ruling British Monarch have been given the title:
"The Defender of The Faith" referring to the Anglican Protestant Branch of Christianity

And the beast which I saw was like unto a
 leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a 
bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: 
and the dragon gave him his power, and
 his seat, and great authority.
Revelation 13:2 

 And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors
 are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance, and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up.  Daniel 8:23

Is William the Prince Who is to Come?

Has the AntiChrist trully arrived?

  And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

   And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

   And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

 And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

 And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.  Revelation 13:1-8

Prince Charles Heraldic Beast Coat of Arms

Prince of Wales Calls for Population Control in Developing World

Modern British Royalty: Eugenicists, Nazis and Neo-Feudalists
Steve Watson & Alex Jones
April 26, 2011

The upcoming royal Wedding of William Mountbatten-Windsor, heir in waiting to the British throne has the UK media in a frenzy of vomit inducing worship and stomach churning sycophantic fawning. Even the US media is pouring over the royals to such an extent that commentators have pointed out that had the modern day corporate media covered the Revolutionary War, it would have firmly supported the British.

The US fought a bloody war of independence against British control of its government and economy, yet the American media has fast become fascinated with an institution that represents everything America is not. This despite the fact that in a recent poll only 6% of Americans said they were at all interested in the event.

Two billion people are estimated to watch this weekend’s royal wedding. Despite the three war fronts, radioactive meltdown in Japan, the evolving 2012 presidential field and any number of other stories, the media’s collective lens will be turned exclusively on a snobbish pompous ceremony that is costing already extremely strained British taxpayers tens of billions to stage.

While the British government balks at the unfolding events in Syria and elsewhere where protests and demonstrations are being brutally curbed, those wishing to protest the antiquated old world elitist values Britain is still forced to accept as “cultural” under the monarchy will be met with stern resistance and a gargantuan police presence this weekend on the streets of London.

Meanwhile, over 40 monarchs from around the world will take their seats at the wedding, among them the dictators and ambassadors from countries with appalling human rights records such as Swaziland, Saudi Arabia and Zimbabwe. Though he was invited, the Crown Prince of Bahrain, whose Gulf state has violently suppressed democracy protests in recent months, has respectfully declined, in order to avoid a public relations scandal. The leaders of Kuwait, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman, whose military forces have aided the vicious crackdown will all be there, however. The Libyan Ambassador to Britain had his invitation rescinded when it was recently decided that Libya should be bombed back into the stone age.

In addition, a gaggle of “celebrities” have been invited, blatantly in an attempt to whip up more media hype and place a 21st century context on what is essentially a medieval ceremonial show of power.

As London Independent writer and noted Republican Johann Hari has highlighted, the frenzy surrounding the royal family has “a subtly deforming effect on Britain’s character that the ultimate symbol of our country.”

“Our sovereign, is picked on the most snobbish criteria of all: darling, do you know who his father was? Kids in Britain grow up knowing that we all bow and curtsy in front of a person simply because of their unearned, uninteresting bloodline. This snobbery subtly soaks out through the society, tweaking us to be deferential to unearned and talentless wealth, simply because it’s there.”

The pomp and hype of this occasion is part of a deliberate ongoing social engineering campaign to rebuild celebrity and importance around a parasitic and tyrannical elite that still pulls all the strings on the world stage.

Saxe-Coburg-Gotha: Syphilitic Sociopaths Behind The “Green” Deception

Jurriaan Maessen
April 27, 2012

History reveals it is mostly by blood that the genealogy of power is secured throughout the ages. And all those unrelated to the head snakes, have been royally approved to do evil in their name. A cast of sociopaths commanding a tribe of psychopaths. It is no coincidence that all the usual suspects appear prominently on the membership list of Bilderberg. Needless to say they rarely miss a meeting.

Products of centuries of intermarrying between families, the questionable art of breeding human livestock has been cultivated to its extreme by different royal houses of (mostly) German descent festering over the European continent for many a century. As a result, this unholy, age-old cesspool of interbreeding gave birth to the most malicious type of human imaginable: the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha chieftain. 

Drawing from such a disturbingly limited gene pool, this ancient tree produced a peculiar ruthless sort of individual- first draft of the clinical sociopath. Combine this ruthlessness with some repulsive physiological features in outward appearance, and what you get is the European blue-blood par excellence



The Collectivist Conspiracy: G Edward Griffin analyzes how both the Democrats and Republicans are Collectively workings towards the emergence the New World Order

G. Edward Griffin has long been a voice of reason,
while questioning the Agenda of the Global Financial
Elite. His Book "The Creature from Jekyll Island"
is a key expose of the Federal Reserve Banking Fraud.

Author, and researcher G. Edward Griffin in a recent interview for Prison Planet.TV analyzes the agenda of the global bankster elite to establish a world government based upon a collectivist model that will crush individual freedoms under the total control of a tyranical One World State. As the most significant obstacle remaining in their Broadway to destruction is the American people who still cherish their national identity, Griffin explains how eventually due to the collapse of U.S. economy that our long sold out government will in all likelihood institute martial law upon "We the People" once we are faced with the reality that our former "American Dream" of individual freedom, and liberty is being sacrificed upon the collectivist altar of Global Government.

Griffin provides a clear, and concise explanation of the false political paradigm of major differences in the philosophy of government between the Republican, and Democratic Parties, both of which are committed towards expanding the size, power, and control of a centralized Federal Government. As neither party has been able to stop the acceleration of our national debt, and now it is totally apparent that both parties are sold out to the Military Industrial Complex that President Eisenhauer warned us about, as Obama now has a war of his own now in Libya.

Griffin explains how he was able to grow out of his childhood understandings of the Democrats representing the extreme left and Republicans controling the extreme right, when in reality what happens in Washington D.C. is a carefully orchestrated show not unlike a professional wrestling match where both competitors take turns controlling portions of a highly entertaining fight, only for both competitors after exiting the arena enjoy a few drinks together at a post fight party.

"Competition is a Sin!" John D. Rockefeller

Collectivism is the polar opposite of individualism and Collectivists believe that the interests of the individual, must be sacrificed for the greater good for the greater number, at least for the relatively few whose generational wealth affords them the greatest number of digits in their offshore banking accounts explains Griffin. Collectivists invoke the doctrines of socialism, communism, fascism, and even monopolistic capitalism.
As opposed to free-market competition in a capitalistic economic system, Griffin explains how the the Rockefeller class of big money capitalism has long conspired with government officials to impose unfair trade obstacles upon their competitors.

In the U.S. both the Republican and Democrat parties are committed to advancing collectivism, this is why the same policies seem to be followed no matter who is currently residing in the White House.

All collectivist systems eventually deteriorate into a police state because that’s the only way you can hold it together,” warns Griffin.

Carroll Quigley, a Georgetown University Professor and mentor to former president Bill Clinton, in his books Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, described how the elite maintain a silent dictatorship while fooling people into believing that they have political freedom, and a real say in how they are being governed. The Masters of Media Spin Propaganda maintain a never-ending series of pre-wrestling match like taunts, and quarrels between influential voices within the two parties using carefully selected terms of slogans and leadership, while in reality both parties are controlled from the top down, by the international Elite who use their Corporate minions to control the campaign financing that virtually all politicians are totally hooked, and dependant upon for their political survival. Thus both parties basically are pursuing the same agenda.

Griffin explains how the Tea Party, after its genuine genesis as a grass roots movement, was at first smeared as being "astro-turf by Nancy Pelosi only to later be hijacked by the Republicans via the media personalities of Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck.

Pointing out how Republicans and Democrats agree on the most important topics, such as US foreign policy, endless wars in the Middle East, and the dominance of the private banking system over the economy, Griffin lays out how the left-right hoax is by the globalist's to steer the destiny of America off the proverbial cliff.
 Griffin also talks at length on a host of other important subjects, such as the move towards a Chinese-style censored Internet, the demonization of the John Birch Society as a racist extremist group, the Hegelian dialectic, the power of tax-exempt foundations and the Council on Foreign Relations, the movement towards world government, and the question of whether the elite are really worried about the growing awareness of their agenda amongst Americans. Griffin also was the producer for the ground-breaking Documentary Film: "What in the World are They Spraying?" that examines the devastating world-wide environmental results of the Geo-Engineering/Chem-Trail Agenda.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fukushima: World's Greatest Public Health Hazard yet Witnessed...Until Zechariah's Thermonuclear War is UN-leashed!!!

While the global elite have UN-leashed a new theater of nuclear war in North Africa, with our world currently facing it's greatest public health hazard yet from the ongoing meltdown of Japan's Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in Fukushima one has to wonder about the timing of the UN Coalition's Operation Odyssey Dawn's Tomahawk Crusade against Moammar Gaddafi's regime in Libya.

Fukushima: Greatest Public Health Hazard our World has ever Witnessed...Yet.

Daniyel Key
Survival Key Info
April 24, 2011

Chernobyl 25 Years Later: Massive amounts of radiation are still
leaking  from cracks due to exposure to the weather in the original
concrete sarcophagus. Nearby lands are still a "Dead Zone"
Monday April 25, 2011 marks the unhappy 25th anniversary of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power plant meltdown. With it's legacy of nearly one million cancer related deaths thusfar Chernobyl had previously been the world's worst nuclear power meltdown disaster. Since radioactive contamination is invisible the former Soviet Union tried to keep the massive explosion of the Chernobyl reactor vessel a secret until unusual levels of radiation were detected by monitors outside another Nuclear Power plant in Sweden nearly 600 miles north of Chernobyl a few days later. The Swedish Nuclear engineers soon realized that their facility was not responsible for the leak of radiation, they asked their meteorologists which way the winds had been blowing from and as a result they blew the whistle on Chernobyl.  

Today with radiation readings within the four stricken reactors at Fukushima Dai-Ichi rising to their highest since this current crisis began it continues to be clearer, and clearer with each passing day that Japan, and indeed our entire planet is continuing to bungle the worst nuclear power crisis in history. Within just a matter of days of Japan's devastating March 11th earthquake/tsunami/radiation crisis it became all too obvious that TEPCO,  the Japanese Government, and even the international media were attempting to literally flush the invisible radiation out to sea. All of this went on without even a peep out of the United Nations, despite the entangling provisions of the Law Of the Sea Treaty (LOST) an international power grab whereby the U.N. claims the ability to fine any nation found to be intentionally polluting the Ocean waters.

Meanwhile U.S. citizens are blissfully unaware for the most part that levels of radiation higher than EPA maximums have already been detected in recent milk, and water samples. now with multiple reports that radiation levels coming from Fukushima are far more significant than what we are being told it is abundantly clear that the true scope of the Fukushima disaster has been greatly downplayed by both the Japanese and U.S. governments.

Radioactive Iodine has now been detected in the
Breastmilk of Mothers of Newborns in Japan
Now with recent reports of Radioactive Iodine being found in the breast milk of Japanese Mothers, perhaps the next round of victims of this ongoing nuclear crisis after "the Fukushima Fifty" may well be the youth of Northeast Honshu Island. 
However with reports pouring in of increasing levels of radiation in both the sea waters, as well as in fish samples taken off of Japan's Northeast coast the true extent of ongoing  crisis will be it's devastating effects on sea life in the Northern Pacific. As man is an apex predator, it's only a matter of time before the microscopic plankton, and other tiny sea creatures that have already absorbed radiation at extremely high DNA altering levels will move their way up the food chain to the shrimp, crab, tuna, salmon, and other staples of the Pacific's food chain.

Dr. Michio Kaku, a top notch Harvard graduate,and professor of theoretical physics at the City University of New York recently stated: 

“Radiation is continuing to leak out of the reactors, the situation is not stable at all, radiation continues to leak,” says  “We are looking at a ticking timebomb.
It appears stable but the slightest disturbance, a secondary earthquake, a pipe break, evacuation of the crew at Fukishima  could set off a full scale melt down at three nuclear power stations–far beyond what we saw at Chernobyl.”

 Christopher Busby Ph.D:  "Don't Drink the Milk!" 

 Dr. Christopher Busby, a prominent British nuclear radiation, & environmental expert as well as the author of :

On the Biological Effects and Health Risks
following Exposure to Aerosols produced by the use of Depleted Uranium Weapons

was recently asked:
What's your advice for people outside of Japan?

Professor Busby replied:
"I attach my "don't panic" paper. However, since then I have re-thought this advice as the thing is still fissioning and releasing 10 to the fourteen becquerels a day. This will mean that Sr-90 [strontium 90] and Uranium and particulates will be building up in the USA and Europe. I will assess this later but for now I think it prudent to stop drinking milk."

"Nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water." Albert Einstein
Dr. Helen Caldicott has long been sounding the
trumpet warning call of radiations threat to humanity

The video below contains an excerpt from a presentation made by Dr. Helen Caldicott an Australian Pediatrician, author, and co-founder of Physicians for Social Responsibility, who has devoted 38 years to an international campaign to educate the powers that be as well as the public concerning the medical hazards of the nuclear age and it's potential for widespread environmental devastation. During a press conference on "The Dangers of Nuclear War" held in Montreal, Canada on March 18, 2011 just one week after the massive tsunami ravaged the Fukushima Daiichi reactor complex. Dr. Caldicott presented clear evidence that Japan's ongoing nuclear power crisis is already far worse than the 1986 Chernobyl meltdown that researchers now believe has been responsible for nearly one million cancer related deaths thusfar in Europe, and Eurasia.

A transcript of her presentation is posted below this key video.

“First I want to present this. It’s produced by the New York Academy of Sciences and it’s a report on Chernobyl. It can be downloaded. They translated 5,000 articles from Russian, for the first time, into English. It seems that over one million people have already died as a result of Chernobyl, despite what the WHO (World Health Organization) says and the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency). This is one of the most monstrous cover-ups in the history of medicine. Everybody should know about this.

Then we extrapolate through to Japan. Japan is, by orders of magnitude many times worse than Chernobyl. Never in my life did I think that six nuclear reactors would be at risk. I knew the three GE (General Electric) engineers who helped design these ‘Mach 1′ GE reactors. They resigned because they knew that they were dangerous. So, Japan built them on an earthquake fault.

The reactors partially withstood the earthquake, but the external electricity supply was cut off. The external electricity supply supplies the cooling water – a million gallons per minute to each of those six reactors. Without the cooling water, the water falls and the rods are so hot that they melt like at Three Mile Island and at Chernobyl.

The emergency diesel generators, which are as large as a house, got destroyed by the tsunami. So, there was no way to keep the water circulating in the reactors. Also, on the roofs of reactors, not within the container vessel, are cooling pools. Every year, they remove about 30 tons of the most radioactive rods that you could possibly imagine. Each one is 12 feet long and one-half of an inch thick. It gives off so much radiation, like x-rays, that if you stand next to it for a couple of minutes you’ll die – not drop dead. Remember Litvinenko, the Russian who got poisoned by polonium, you’ll die like that – with your hair falling out, bleeding to death, and dying of massive infection like AIDS patients die. These (rods) are extremely hot. So, they have to be put into a big pool and continually cooled. The pool has really no roof.

There have been three hydrogen explosions blowing off the roof of the building, not the containment vessel of the core, but the roof – and exposing the cooling pool. Two of the cooling pools are dry. They have no water in them, meaning that the nuclear fuel rods are covered with a material called zirconium. When zirconium is exposed to air, it burns. It ignites.

Two of the cooling pools, at this moment, are burning. In the cooling pools are many times, like 10 to 20 times more radiation, than in each reactor core. In each reactor core is as much long-lived radiation as that produced by 1000 Hiroshima-sized bombs. We are dealing with diabolical energy. E=mc2. It’s the energy that blows up nuclear bombs.

Einstein said that nuclear power is a hell of a way to boil water, because that is all nuclear power is used for – to boil water through the massive heat, turn it into steam, turn the turbine, which generates electricity.

Just One of the "Bush Babies"  The terrible  legacy
 of Depleted Uranium has affected the  offspring of
 numerous American Soldiers as well as decimating
 an entire generation of Iragi Children.  Woe 2 Duh Bush
 Doctors on Judgment Day! Yet why is DU currently
being used in a "Humanitarian"  intervention in  Libya?

Now you fission uranium, 200 new elements are formed, all of which are much more poisonous to the body than the original uranium – although uranium is pretty poisonous. America used it in Fallujah and Bagdad. In Fallujah, 80% of the babies being born are grossly deformed. They’re being born without brains, single eyes, and no arms. The doctors have told the women to stop having babies. The incidence of childhood cancer has gone up around 12 times. This is genocide. It’s a nuclear war being conducted in Iraq. The uranium that they are using lasts for more than 4.5 billion years. So, we are contaminating the cradle of civilization. The coalition of the willing.
Aerial View of Fukushima Daiichi Reactors 1 thru 4 from right to left, after the initail sequence of explosions
In the nuclear power plants, however, is a huge amount of radiation. Some last seconds, some last millions of years. Radioactive iodine lasts six weeks. It causes thyroid cancer. That’s why people are say that you better take potassium iodide. That blocks the thyroid uptake or radioactive iodine, which later can cause thyroid cancer. In Chernobyl, over 20,000 people have developed thyroid cancer. They have to have their thyroids taken out, and they will die unless they take thyroid replacement every day like a diabetic has to take insulin.

Strontium-90 will get out. It lasts for 600 years. It goes to the bone, where it causes bone cancer or leukemia. Cesium lasts for 600 years. It’s all over Europe. 40% of Europe is still radioactive. Turkish food is still radioactive. Do not buy Turkish dried apricots. Do not buy Turkish hazelnuts. The Turks were so cross with the Russians that they sent all of their radioactive tea over to Russia after Chernobyl.

But, 40% of Europe is still radioactive. Farms in Britain, there farms were so full of Cesium they can’t sell them. Don’t eat European food.

But that’s nothing compared to what’s happening now. One of the most deadly is plutonium, named after Pluto, God of the underworld. One-millionth of a gram, if you inhale it, will give you cancer. Hypothetically, one pound of evenly distributed could give everyone on Earth cancer. Each reactor has 250 kilos of plutonium in it. You only need 2.5 kilograms to make a bomb, because plutonium is what they make bombs with.

So any country that has a reactor, from your uranium, you are the biggest exporters of uranium in the world – Cameco. Canada sells two things. It sells wheat for life and uranium for death.

Plutonium is going to get out and spread all over the northern hemisphere. It’s already heading to North America now, plus radioactive iodine 129. It’s half-life is 17 million years. Plus strontium, plus cesium, plus tritium, and I could go on, and on, and on.

When it rains, down comes the fallout. And, it concentrates in food. If it gets into the sea, the algae concentrate it hundreds of times. Then, the crustaceans concentrate it hundreds of times. Then the little fish, then the big fish, and then us. Because, we stand on the apex of the food chain.

These radioactive elements, you can’t see them and you can’t smell them. They’re silent. When you get them I inside your body, you don’t suddenly drop dead from cancer. It takes five to sixty years to get your cancer. When you feel the cancer in your breast, it doesn’t say that it was made by some strontium-90 that you ate in a piece of fish 20 years ago.

All radiation is damaging. It’s cumulative in each dose that you get adds to your risk of getting cancer. With americium, it’s more dangerous than plutonium. I could go on and on.

It depends if it rains as to whether you are going to get it or not. If it rains and the radiation comes down, then don’t grow food. Don’t eat the food. And, I mean don’t eat it for 600 years.

The radioactive waste from nuclear power is going to be buried, I hear, next to Lake Ontario. It’s going to leak and last for millions of years. It’s going to get into the water and the food chains. Radioactive waste will induce epidemics of cancer, leukemia, and genetic disease for the rest of time. This is the greatest public health hazard that the world has ever witnessed, apart from the threat, every day, of nuclear war.

Einstein said that the splitting of the atom changed everything to save man’s mode of thinking. Very profound…

We are arrogant. We have a lot of hubris. And, I think that the reptilian mid-brain of some men brains is pathological. We are now in a situation where we have harnessed the energy of the sun. It is totally out of control. And, there is simply nothing we can do about it.”

Prepare for a "Rood Awakening!"
Biblical Scholar Michael Rood Cracked Zechariah's Code

 Yet: even as devastating in the long term to life on Planet Earth as this nuclear radiation crisis eminating from Fukushima Japan Lukes to be, a far more significant Nuclear catastrophe may well be on the horizon, as the Global Thermonuclear War forseen a long, long time ago by the Prophet Zechariah may soon be UN-leashed by the globalists whose plot to gain total control over mankind would require a series of Three World Wars. With the last of these Three Wars being designed to be fought between the Muslims, and the Jews/Christians how much longer shall it be before Albert Pike's, and Giuseppe Mazzini's twisted dream of the Phoenix of the New World Order rises from the ashes of a War that kills one third of all mankind be?