Thursday, April 7, 2011

Operation Crossed Swords Double Cross: Egypt and Libya to be Turned Over to the Muslim Brotherhood: New World Order out of Middle East Chaos by Design of the Globalists

"Every Middle East King, every Royal Family is going to fall, it's only a matter of time. The Dollar will be dead by the end of 2012"     Lindsey Williams

Operation Crossed Swords Double Cross

Da New Seize World Report

Daniyel Key
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April 4, 2010

By the providence of the Creator of Heaven and Earth Pastor Lindsey Williams, who served as a Chaplain on the Alaska Oil Pipeline has been granted unique access into the agenda of "The New World Order" and it's plot to destroy the U.S. Dollar as the Global Reserve Currency.  Williams an accomplished Bush Pilot soon gained the favor of key international oil executives  who over the course of time began to reveal the long term agenda of the Global Elite, which Williams first laid out in his Book:

The Energy Non Crisis

Over the course of time Williams gained the trust of a pair of key oil company executives who have informed Williams in advance whenever major changes in the cost of international crude oil were planned to take place. Williams has put his reputation on the line repeatedly during radio, and video interviews over the past few years by making uncanningly accurate forecasts that at first seemed to be ridiculous only to be proven correct.

Williams is quick to point out that while he is a Pastor, that he is not a Prophet. He simply has been passing on the information that his globalist connections, who run in Bilderberger circles have been providing him with. The reason that these key international insiders have chosen to reveal their insider information on to Williams is due to the fact that the Global Elite live by a moral code that requires them to inform the public in advance of their plans, even though these plots are not in the best interests of the common folks.

Back in October 2010, Williams laid out how within the next 6 months from that time, that a major crisis would erupt in the Middle East, and that the price of crude oil would be increasing dramatically to the point of $150 to $200 per barrel. These events have long been planned by the inner circles of the Global Elite, whose ultimate agenda is to destroy the value of the U.S. Dollar and destabilise the entire middle east to establish a Muslim Caliphate, while severly curtailing the supply of oil to Europe, and America leading to the point where the major oil conglomerates would at long last open up the vast known reserves of North American Oil, and Gas when the price of a gallon of gas is likely to be over $7.00 per gallon.

The Lindsey Williams video's posted below are Key Info for understanding the real agenda of the Global Elite. Williams gives outstanding advice for how to prepare you, and your loved ones both financially, and physically, as well as Spiritually. 

 In the next couple of video's you may be shocked to discover just who has advised some of her closest friends to stock up at least 6 months of food, and water supplies over 4 months before the ongoing Nuclear meltdown crisis of the Fukushima Daiichi Complex that already is the world's worst meltdown catastrophe that we are discovering more and more each day is a real threat to our long term health. While the globalists seem to be hell-bent on initiating World War III in the Middle East.

Compare the current situation in the Middle East with Lindsey Williams analysis in October 2010.

Globalist Oil Executive Spills Guts in Deathbed Confession