Tuesday, November 9, 2010

See What in the World are They Spraying? Full Movie on the Geo-Engineering/ChemTrail Coverup

Why on Earth has Monsanto developed a patent for aluminum resistance genes to be added to their Genetically Modified Organisms in their seeds? How on Earth is unprecedented levels of aluminum, barium, and sulfur finding their way into our tap water? Why are polymer strands of sticky web-like fibers falling to the ground in the hours, and days following the now common place appearance of criss cross, x-pattern and even tic toe patterns of chemtrails sprayed by Military, Civil, and at times even Commercial Aircraft?

Why have asthma rates for children, teens, and even adults been skyrocketing in Europe, Asia, and the America's including Hawaii? Why is organic farming becoming much more difficult to produce in Hawaii, and increasingly more regulated world-wide? Why did President Obama who pledged transparency, and an end to the strong-arm of lobbyist's in his administration; anoint Monsanto V.P. and long time D.C. Lobbyist Michael Taylor to be the FDA's Food Safety Czar? Is there an agenda here that has not been transparently posted on WhiteHouse.gov?

What in the World are They Spraying? is an outstanding documentary produced by Author & Researcher G. Edward Griffin exposing the sinister agenda behind the Chemtrails, or "Geo-Engineering" of our skies. While officially being denied for years the Government and Scientists are now open about how in their profound wisdom they are "now considering the Geo-Engineering" of our collective atmosphere as a "cost efficient" way to combat global warming..."Oh there may be some unforeseen side effects"...such as the deliberate poisoning of our air, water, and even food supplies. In this film you will see the audacity of top level Mad Scientists who try and keep a straight face while appearing to be clueless of any known harmful affects of massive amounts of nano-particles of aluminum salts being spewed into the lower atmosphere!

Why are down to earth Scientists, with local expertise alarmed by their findings of current levels of aluminum in the snow pack upon 14,000ft plus Mt. Shasta at levels 61 Times Higher than the level of toxicity that the EPA has declared to be extreme? Why has the ph levels of pristine Northern California Forest Soils gone from being acidic to highly alkaline in just the past few years causing increasing amounts of old growth trees to suddenly die off? Why on Earth are Scientists monkeying with dumping hundreds of thousands of metric tons of aluminum, barium, sulfur,and other metallic salts plus polymer fibers with unknown biological agents into skies worldwide? After the Birds, the Bees, and the trees die off; whose next???

As man is on a quest to play GOD make NOAH doubt about it...The Chemtrail Agenda is just another part of the Global Elite's plot to massively Depopulate Planet Earth!!!

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The ChemTrail Coverup by California Sky Watch

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