Friday, December 24, 2010

See The Imposter: Full Movie via Da New Sees World Report Double Feature: The False Armageddon and An Urgent Message to the Nations

The Stage has been set for the greatest delusion of all of human history as The Imposter will take up his leading role for the end of days.This film is a warning to all Bible Believers not to fall for the seductive charms of the coming Man of Sin as the Mystery of iniquity UNfolds upon Planet Earth.

Part Two: The False Armageddon

Please consider giving this movie on DVD to your friends, and loved one's to help their understanding of the Prophetic Word of Yahuwah,and help support the film makers @

Description of: The Imposter from their website:

This is the prophetic movie believers and even non-believers need to watch. After watching this four and half hour movie you will be blessed with the wisdsom, knowledge and understanding of how these end time events will be played out on the world scene. As it has been written, "no man is able to receive any matter unless it is given to him from the heaven." The Imposter movie is different from other prophetic films in that the truth has not been sugar coated, nor is it wishy-washy watered down lukewarmness tickling the ears...all has been exposed!

The Imposter Movie is taken from the very popular book with the same title. Here is what some have said about the Imposter book:

"This book will shock you to the core."
"Everything makes sense now."
"I could not put the book down."
"I read the book from cover to cover without stopping."
"A fascinating read!"

Since The Imposter book has helped thousands of people we pray the movie will bring more indepth knowledge and reach even more people. As of now, the Imposter movie is in the making of being aired on a very popular public televison station. Look for this upcoming announcement.

If you have been wanting to help one person understand the coming Strong Delusion and short reign of the coming Imposter then this is the movie for you!

Many of you have been patiently waiting for the Imposter movie, please know we have begun shipping the DVD out. Since the demand is high and the funds are low we can only ship out small quanities at a time. Therefore, you may have to wait up until a month before you receive your copy.

The Imposter movie is like watching eight movies in one. It would be best to view this movie in segments; as the Imposter movie covers a wide rage of end time events.

It is our desire to get The Imposter DVD available to libraries across the nation.

Part Three: An Urgent Message for The Nations