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Lindsey Williams Bombshell: New World Order Elite to Double Cross the Arabs: The Energy Non Crisis Why the U.S. has tapped it's Oil Reserves

Oil is the new standard Global Currency not the Dollar, not the Euro, nor the Chinese Yuan. With the news of the current violence in Libya it has jumped up $8 a Barrel in world markets in just the past day. This is not due to an increase in the value of oil, but rather due to the decrease in the value of the US Dollar as the Federal Reserve has implemented QE2 the second round of "Quantitative Easing". Globalist George Soros is on record that he would like to see "a structured decline in the value of the US Dollar that has served the role of the World's Reserve Currency in the minds of most investors for well over the past 100 years.

The current round of massive unrest in the Middle East is by design of the Global Elite, and the plan is an ancient plot that is now beginning to come into a clearer view with each passing hour in our ever changing world. Behind the scenes groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood the prodigal son of MI6, and the stepchild of the CIA; is well funded by the Global Elite whose intention it is to spread this current Arabic rage world-wide and to use this as the kindling to inflame the spark created on 9/11 of seemingly never-ending conflict.

The United States as revealed by Lindsey Williams the Author of The Energy Non Crisis has more than sufficient domestic oil reserves to meet it's own energy needs for at least the next 200 years, and yet the vast majority of these known oil reserves such as the Gull Island Oil Reserve that has over 100 times the amount of oil that has been thus-far pumped out of the North Slope of Alaska which have been capped off until such a time as we well may see in the immediate future when the price of crude oil will rise to over $200 a Barrel.

Operation Gulf Double Cross

While the infamous BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill may well be what Mikhail Gorbachev foretold would be: "The International Disaster Key that UNlocks the New World Order. It is now becoming apparent that the Persian Gulf Area including the deliberate torching of the Kuwait Oil Fields by Saddam Hussein may well be "Ground Zero" for the next stage of this UNfolding New World Order Drama.

Since before Dr. Henry Kissinger's extensive tour of the Middle Eastern Oil Kingdoms between 1976 and the early 80's the Global Elite have taken advantage of relatively cheap oil from these Arabic OPEC Nations with the the agreement that these oil transactions would be made in the FIAT currency of the US Dollar, and that the Arabic Elites would agree to purchase vast amounts of FEDERAL RESERVE Treasury Notes to finance the ever growing US Debt that has skyrocketed in a steeper, and steeper trajectory since Dr. Kissinger sweetheart deals with the Arabic Tribal Leaders. As the Oil Sheiks became multi-Billionaires on paper at least, only now are they beginning to see a glimpse that the US paper securities are only going to be worth the paper that they are written on.

With the total collapse of the US Dollar by the end of 2012 that Lindsey Williams' Global Oil Elite insiders have revealed this week, the paper assets that the Oil Sheiks have exchanged for their oil will become just a coarse UNpleasant form of Toilet Paper!
The full wrath of the Muslim Nations will be UNleashed against the Western Nations, as well as Israel. At which point the Arabs will be so upset that they will most likely cut-off any further oil exports to the United States. This will result in the cost of oil to go ballistic, at which point if the Globalists are not going to drive the final nail into the coffin of US Industry then the vast oil reserves in Alaska, Canada, and vast portions of the Rocky Mountain and Prairie States will at long last begin to be pumped to fill the energy needs of North America. By that point in time however, the cost of gasoline may well be around $7 to $8 a gallon.

At these prices the costs involved in simply getting Genetically Modified Food from what is left of the American Corporate Farmers to our Supermarkets will make to cost of our food UNaffordable for most Americans. Williams does not foresee empty Store shelves in the near future, but rather shelves that remain relatively full simply because these high prices may not be affordable for our remaining employed workforce. Although not specifically addressed by Williams this may well ultimately result in Arab Style Food Revolutions within the United States of America. Imagine the Social chaos of countless millions of unemployed Americans who are suddenly dealing with sustained hunger pains!!! This may well be the outset of widespread Martial Law in America.

Bakken and Torquay Formations--A Saudi Arabia of Oil under Saskatchewan, Manitoba, North and South Dakota, and Montana

Oil Prices Skyrocket after Williams' Latest Revelations

North African Turmoil Could Rocket Crude to $220

Oil Holds Near Two and a Half Year Highs on Libyan Revolt

Oh well so much for the Good News...the Bad News according to Williams is:

RED DRAGON RISING: The Rise of China...The Big One...according to Mr. L.

Excerpt from The Oil Non Crisis By Lindsey Williams

CHAPTER 1 The Great Oil Deception
There is no true energy crisis. There never has been an energy crisis . . . except as it has been produced by the Federal government for the purpose of controlling the American people. That's a rather dramatic statement. to make, isn't it? But you see, at one time I too thought there was an energy crisis. After all, that was what I had been told by the news media and by the Federal government. I thought we were running out of crude oil and natural gas. Then I heard, I saw, and I experienced what I am about to write. I soon came to realize that there is no energy crisis. There is no need for America to go cold or for gas to be rationed. We shall verify these statements as we provide the facts for you. You might be surprised to find that we will also show why the price of gas will remain high, and in fact will go higher than it is now.

You've read about the controversy. You've heard the statements, the claims, the counterclaims. You've read about the problems of environmental protection, such as the need to protect birds whose species are becoming extinct. What you haven't heard is that $2 million dollars was spent to go around the nest of one species. On your property, you'd have moved the nest—not so on the Alaska Pipeline. Not true? Questionable? We'll give you the facts.
You've read about the objections of the native Alaskans whose territory is being exploited by those giant corporations that can never be satisfied. You've heard about the excessive profits made by the oil companies. But you haven't heard about the incredible regulations that forced the costs of the Trans-Alaska oil pipeline up from a projected $2 billion dollars to beyond $12 billion dollars. We'll tell you more about that.

I became convinced of the fact that there is no energy crisis when Senator Hugh Chance visited me on the Pipeline. As well as being a former Senator of the State of Colorado, he is also an outstanding Christian gentleman. He came to the Pipeline at my invitation, to speak in the work camps for which I was re sponsible as Chaplain, on the northern sector of the Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline.

While I was there I arranged for him to have a tour of the Prudhoe Bay facility. Senator Chance was shown everything he wanted to see, and he was told everything he wanted to know. The Senator was given information by a number of highly-placed responsible executives with Atlantic Richfield, and these were cooperative with him at all times. He especially gained information from one particular official whom we shall call Mr. X, because of the obvious need to protect his anonymity.

After Senator Chance had talked at length with Mr. X, we came back to my dormitory room at Pump Station No. 1 and sat down. Senator Chance said to me, "Lindsey, I can hardly believe what I have seen and heard today."

I waited to see what it was that was so startling. Remember, as yet I had no inkling that there was, in fact, no true energy crisis.

Senator Chance was very serious. He was obviously disturbed. He looked up at me as he said, "Lindsey, I was in the Senate of the State of Colorado when the Federal briefers came to inform us as to why there is an energy crisis. Lindsey, what I have heard and seen today, compared with what I was told in the Senate of the State of Colorado, makes me realize that almost everything I was told by those Federal briefers was a downright lie!"

At that point Senator Chance asked if I could arrange for another interview with Mr. X on the following day. I did arrange for that interview, and the Senator and Mr. X sat in Mr. X's office. I was allowed to be present, as Senator Hugh Chance asked question after question after question.

Senator Chance's first question was, "Mr. X, how much crude oil is there under the North Slope of Alaska, in your estimation?"

Mr. X answered, "In my estimation, from the seismographic work and the drillings we have already done, I am convinced that there is as much oil under the North Slope of Alaska as there is in all of Saudi Arabia."

Senator Hugh Chance's next question was perhaps an obvious one. "Why isn't this oil being produced, if there is an oil crisis?" He went on to point out that private enterprise has always come to the rescue of the American people when there have been times of need.

Mr. X then made the startling observation that the Federal government and the State government of Alaska had allowed only one pool of oil on the North Slope of Alaska to be developed.
Senator Chance then asked, "Mr. X, do you think that there are numerous pools of oil under the North Slope of Alaska?"

Mr. X replied, "Senator Chance, the government has allowed us to develop only one 100-square-mile area of this vast North Slope. There are many, many 100-square-mile areas under the North Slope of Alaska which contain oil. There are many pools of oil under the North Slope of Alaska."

The Senator then asked, "Mr. X, what do you think the Federal government is out to do-what do you really think the government has as its ultimate goal in this business?"

Mr. X's answer was highly controversial in its implications. He stated, "I personally believe that the Federal government is out to declare American Telephone and Telegraph a monopoly. In so doing they will be able to divide the company and to break the back of the largest private enterprise on the face of the earth. Secondly, they want to nationalize the oil companies. I believe that these two objectives merge." As Mr. X continued to elaborate his point of view, it became clear that the objectives, as he saw them, were of dramatic import for the economic welfare of this country and indeed for the whole world.

Senator Chance asked one last question, "Mr. X, if what you say is true, then e by don't you as oil companies tell the American people the truth and warn them? "

"Senator Chance," Mr. X replied, "we don't dare tell the American people the truth because there are so many laws already passed and regulations on the books that if the government decided to impose them all on us and enforce them, they could put us into bankruptcy within six months."

In light of what Mr. X stated in that conversation with Senator Chance, it would seem that the stakes are even bigger than money. They would involve power and domination—initially under the guise of government ownership and control of not only the essential commodities and services, but then progressively beyond that. We would call it socialism. Others would give it different names. In the light of Mr. X's statements, that is the direction in which America is being led post-haste today. This book is an attempt to awaken the public to the facts before it is too late.

Mr. X is a man whose observations must be taken seriously. He was one of the numerous executives with Atlantic Richfield who was given the responsibility of developing the entire East side of the oil field at Prudhoe Bay. His credibility cannot be denied. Mr. X has developed numerous oil fields for Atlantic Richfield throughout the world and has built numerous refineries. He is an expert in this field.

So far we have given you just a few side observations. But there is more. Much more. We have a story that must be told. There are tremendously important matters involved—matters of principle and the concepts highly important to our whole way of life. They involve politics, economics, and our American way of life.

Keep reading! Chapter Two: Establishing Credibility

Video Presentation: The Energy Non Crisis by Lindsey Williams