Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Dick Gregory Tipped to Get Out of New York City on the Day Before 9-11

Comedian & Civil Rights Icon Dick Gregory
Dick Gregory the long time Civil Rights Activist, Actor, and Comedian who was recently arrested along with George Clooney outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington D.C. for protesting the actions of Sudan's Government to block, and intercept humanitarian aid convoys containing shipments of food intended to help the victims of war, and famine; reveals in an interview with Alex Jones that on the Evening of September 10, 2001 while helping a long time Civil Liberties Advocate who had played a major role in Prosecuting Police Brutality Cases to Campaign for Public Office in New York City that he received a tip via his wife from a phone call she just received from a trusted Washington D.C. source to "don't spend the night" in New York City his own safety. Gregory also shares that Oakland's Mayor Willie Brown had received a similar tip from Condoleezza Rice not to fly to the East Coast on the week of September 11. Gregory also shares how that while the average air flight from the East Coast averaged over 95% occupancy, that the four flights involved on 911 had just over 30% occupancy, as well as a number of other enigma's with the "Official Story: of the 911 Commission Ommission Report


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An Early picture taken soon after the Pentagon attack on September 11, 2001 Note that the highlighted area is the area of highest smoke concentration. SNEAK PREVIEW 9/11 PENTAGON TAPES