Saturday, May 26, 2012

Who is Barack Obama? Who is his Real Daddy? Dr. Jerome Corsi's Ongoing Investigation of The Usurper in Chief

Who really is the 44th President of the United States of America? And why are Key Globalist Insiders now stating that this man is clearly an usurper who is now considered to be: "Damaged Goods?" While everyone knows his name is Barack Hussein Obama, why is his true identity still being exhaustingly investigated by Real Journalist's such as Dr. Jerome Corsi, as well as Top Members of Law Enforcement including Sheriff Joe Arpaio?

While the Contaminated Stream Media Presstitutes continue to scoff at the actions of Sheriff Joe, to anyone with "Eye's to See, and Ear's to Hear" can plainly see that the electronic data file released last year by the White House of Obama's alledged Birth Certificate Version 3.0 is clearly a very sloppy piece of Forgery that vainly attempts to pass this Obamanable Fraud off as an "Official Document."

As you may well be aware, the latest: "Long Form Birth Certificate" was released by the White House on the Eve of the release of Dr. Corsi's Book: "Where Is the Birth Certificate?" and within the next 72 hours a man who many including Dr. James David Manning a Fire and Brimstone African American Preacher believe is a Usurper in The Oval Office had the audacity to come out on National TV to declare that his actions brought finally brought Osama Bin Laden "To Justice" in a daring raid of the alledged compound of a man who many expert insider's had long been dead already.

  Whoever the man who currently is residing in the Oval Office truly is, few can contest that he is not perhaps the Greatest Divider in our Nation's History. Folk's either Love him with a passionate faith in this very Charasmatic Man, or they fear that the 44th President may actually be the last President of our once Great Republic.

The reason why Dr. Corsi, and countless others have dared to continue to challenge the Constitutional Eligibility of the man known as Barack Obama, is primarily due to the fact that as President this man has written countless Executive Orders that will enable the office of the President of the United States of America to become a virtual Dictator, upon a declaration of Martial Law within the U.S. As well as for his continuation of the UN-Justifiable Wars for control of Opium, Lithium, and other rare earth minerals throughout various regions of Eurasia, and Africa.

If only the so called "Main Stream Media" had real Cojones, and had any real concern for the country in which their very own Son's, & Daughter's & Grandchildern are growing up in they would step up and declare to the world what an obvious imposter this Usurper in Chief truly is.