Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ObamneyBush Show Monster Wins 2012 DemoCrip & ReBloodlican Collectivism Party Presidential Nomination: No Matter Which Puppet Wins the Capstone of the UNscene Puppet Masters Remains in Control

The ObamneyBush Show Monster: The Three Headed Puppet Du Jour Obscures the Capstone Controlling Puppetmasters

Daniyel Key
Survival Key Info
June 27, 2012

Imagine a bold plan to balance the budget, reduce the Federal Deficit, while saving the U.S. Taxpayers countless millions of dollars simply by the American people choosing not to attend two parties this year. By simply declaring Mitt Hussein Obamney the defacto winner of the 2012 Presidential Election the American people could also do their part to protect the environment by saving thousands of trees from being used for countless Political Campaign yardsigns to promote these eyesores.

  No surely such a scenario will not occur this Presidential Election season because the vast majority of people would rage in protest that their Freedoms, and Liberties, would be negatively impacted by such a blatant decree of tyranny. The Tip of the Capstone of the Transnational Oligarchical Elite need at least one more election, or a New Live Hit Thermonuclear Bombshell Reality Show to transpire before they enter the ENDGAME of their "Great Culling" of Humanity.

For now at least the Cold Beer, Bread (Pizza Delivery),and American Eye Doll Presidential Election Circus is still set to give the Sheeple something to watch after this Summer's Olympic's Firework Extravaganza. For now at least the Grand Illusion of the public's having their voices heard by their Representatives has yet to be cancelled by the Transnational Program Directors. "Let them eat cake, and stuff their ballots" is the new Mantra of the BilderBeast Philanthropist's, as they need all of the distractions tax payers money can buy, to try to "Save America" by electing Obamney, thereby the Sheeple will still believe that they are doing their civic duty by their participation in "Democracy".

The Video:
Obamney wins 2012 DemoCrip and ReBloodlican Collectivism Party Presidential Nominee,
 is a video that features Author and Film Producer G. Edward Griffin who presents his research into Collectivism which seeks to eliminate the independence of soveriegn human beings.

 Former Governor Jesse Ventura the Author of DemoCrips, and ReBloodlicans shares his concerns that the Two Party system is essentially like a Giant Gang Turf War where no matter which side wins temporal power the Landside is further ravaged by the Operatives of the Political Shot callers. Ventura also reveals how the powers that be have apparently been scrambling communications signals during some recent radio interviews he has had with Mancow, and some of the reasons why the release of the third season of his hit TV Show: Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura may have been delayed.

Years of diligent research by Alex Jones of into the nature of the False Left Right Paradigm is refined into a clear and concise analysis into the nature of the two party system that controls humanity while giving the illusion of Freedom. Up and coming Researcher Melissa Melton of developed the opening of this video in her report: Does Your Vote even Matter: Obamney 2012

Free Your Mind from the Tyranny of the Two Party Political System as no matter who wins the election in 2012 the Agenda of the Tip of the Capstone that controls the office of the President. No matter which Puppet gets elected the Puppet Masters remain in control of this Grand Illusion. The Internet is the battlefield for the War on Free Speech, and as G. Edward Griffin explains that the voice of Freedom is dependent upon Internet Freedom, however the Chinese Model of Censorship is praised by the Global Financial Elite who are buying off Politicians one by one worldwide to sell out to Web Censorship.


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