Friday, August 30, 2013

Sabbatical on the Eve of World Roar Free: The ObamaNation of Desolation vs The Burden of Damascus: Countdown to A Ruinous Heap of Biblical Proportions!!!

Woe 2 duh Shame Stream Media Situation Shroom War Whorespondents who feed dimselves instead of their flocks!  Dennis Kucinich analysis is spot on accurate: If duh ObamaNATO's UN-leash an aerial assault agianst the Assad Regime, the USAF will have essentially fund duh mentally have transformed itself into the USAl-Qaeda Air Force!

Yet with recent polls showing only a 9% approval rating for duh Obamunista's to make "good" on their "Don't Cross this Red Line Threat" to the Syrian Government and drop their "Humanitarian Peace Bombs" upon countless scores of Syrian civilian humanity. Are we actually seeing real signs that the American People have suddenly awoken from their collective slumber just in Time for Kick Off in The End Zone Days!

Da New Seize World Report
via Eye Say Yah
Tallit Bemidbar Yisrael

Now is the time for the Shofar to Sound, Now is da time to Listen 2 Da Roar uv da World's!

Yet Noah also is da time 2 dawn Sack Cloth and Ashes before it rains Thermo Fallout Ashes!

Yisrael it's about time 2 Round Up in Tents!

The situation in Damascus is growing Syriasilly Intense!

Wheel this really be da time so long ago fore scene by Y'Shi Yahu ha Na Bee?

Nguyen da Sheet Wheel Hit da Fan!

Only Time Will Tell!

As fore Noah the Wars and Rumors of Roars Chart is drawing ever nearer 2 DEFCON Juan!

YAH WHO AWE is in Deed Long Suffering!

Yet Sew Ray Meesta Wroth's Child's Government Sachs DeMonSantos...Only YAH WHO AWE

holds Da Title Deed 2 Plan Neat Urf.

U may fink Meesta Rocky Feller that Ewe R Duh Owner of Plan Net Earth.

Yet U neva Eve been reed da Fine Print on Da Con Track.

Da Reel Owna uv Plan Neat Urf es YAH WHO SHOE AWE ha MA SHE ACH

U NOAH Da Juan who leafs somewhere up en Hier es Owna!

ET's a Bout Time fore Operation WEEP OWE...Ha Shah Mayim Style!

EWE Dumb Sheep Peep Hole Oily Gar Ke Bass Tar'ds can crawl unda duh Den Boar Air Port. Zune her or Late Tore duh Al-CIA-duh U Fund did es gunna tern on EWE!

En Vain you BilderBunkers Fink You gunna leaf forever off uv YAH WHO AWE's U knee verse al lee Patented Berry-Sheet 1:11 Hier Loom Sea Dees Ewe berry unda da Ark Tick???

  Sooner, or Late Tore

Da Meek Shall En Hier ET Plan Neat Urf!

EYE YAH TOLLA EWE SEW a Berry Long Time Ago, En a Landa Far Far a Weigh!

Sum de EYE'm Gunna Geet PEACE'd Off & Keek ewe Kooks offa My EYE LAND...

U know duh Juan you call Planet Earth!


Yo feat Stinketh 2 Hi Heaven!

ET's a Bout Time Fore Da End Zone Daze!

Repent of your Zens, & We turn 2 Da TORE RA...or Elsie Eye'll bee Bach 2 Plan Neat Urf Sum day!

ELoha Fore Noah

Dawn knee EL