Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Obama: Made in the U.S.A. or Made in the Media? Call us Afterbirther's if you must for we will call out the Main Stream Media for what they have become: Nothing more than Lapdogs and Babbling Pinheads Cloaked in Patriotic Makeup!!!

 With the release of Dr. Jerome Corsi's bombshell expose' of the fraudulent foundations of the Obama Regime in "Where's the Birth Certificate?"  The evidence of Obama's recently released "long form" Birth Certificate Version 3.0 being a hastily computer generated fraud of Sophomoric Substandards is so overwhelming that to point out it's myriad man-made mistakes in yet another article would clearly be redundant. Therefore the purpose of this post is not to try and convince you why this document is totally bogus, rather it is for us to consider the far more damaging effects upon our Republic of having our once valiant "Fourth Branch of Government" of formerly fearless "Main Stream Media Watchdogs" being "Fundamentally Transformed" into a pack of Paris Hilton, and Barack Hussein Soetero worshipping Lapdogs, who are now marching in collective Goose-Step cadence to the commands of their Komandant George Soros.

Da New Seize World Report
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May 24, 2011
Gwadar Pakistan

"I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers." 
John D. Rockefeller benefactor of the National Education Association

Some call it contemporary collective learning, some call it out as old fashioned cheating; yet each spring in the United States countless teachers are faced with a moral dilemna: When faced with a term paper, or another major assignment submitted by a student with disruptive behavioral concerns which clearly shows evidence of academic dishonesty should the teacher give the alledged quilty student a grade of zero, even if in doing so the result may well be that this less than desirable student will need to repeat their class next year; a result that usually winds up punishing not just the teacher, as well as the student; but ultimately the entire class the following year?

Well if run on sentences like the example above are any indication the Rockefeller funded agenda to deliberately dumb down america has become a smashing success, and is continuing in it's "Race to the Top!" as Standardized Test Scores for America's secondary students continue to rise, even as average IQ scores and College preparedness indicators for these same students continue to plunge! This inspite of the fact that America continues to lead all other "developed" nations in spending per student, while increasingly becoming collectively further "Left Behind" other "advanced" nations in students educational performance.

While a "Full Spectrum" assualt upon our nations youth via the erosion of the moral foundations of our Republic in both social and mainstream media, the entertainment industry, corporate advertising,  hip-hop & pop culture, the now ubiquitous nature of our students use/abuse of cell phones and text messaging in the classrooms have resulted in the average American student having the attention span of a Bevis,  Butthead, or Eric Cartman.

Long gone are the " Leave it to Beaver Good ole' Day's" when students like Eddie Haskell actually cared enough about the feelings of adults to bother to be sneaky about their academic dishonesty, or other misadventures of youth. "Old School" teachers once cherished their abilities to detect plagiarism by their students, and relished their infinitesimal authority to "teach them a lesson" by tearing up their papers and giving them a zero, yet in today's public schools if a student satisfactorily passes their required standardized tests, and maintains at least a minimal State mandated attendance record then the once "Independant School System" is bound by complex academic ranking criteria to either pass students via social matriculation, or be slapped with an "Academically Unacceptable" Scarlet Letter on the outside of their school buildings. Thus even when presented with cases of obvious academic fraud, the social stigma of having your local public school becoming "Academically Unacceptable" increasingly results in teachers turning a blind eye away from the "cut and paste" realities of today's secondary schools. Thus more, and more America's University Professors mourn over the woeful lack of prerequisite academic skills among today's post-modern students who while having the abilities to text, and drive at the same time...sort of...simply can not compose a step by step sequence of how to write their way with a ball point pen out of a wet paper bag!

 Bob Woodward 1998 at the height of MonicaGate

Ah! remember the good ole' day's when real fearless watchdog reporters like Bob Woodward, and Carl Bernstein uncovered a cover-up of such dastardly deeds, and proportions that ultimately resulted in the only resignation thus-far of an American President. Remember when the once valiant American "Free Press" was cherished as being the "Fourth Branch of the American Government", and not just another branch of the Global Banking Cartel that essentially owns and operates the U.S. Government as it d*mn well pleases!

The fact that the Main Stream Corporate Media in the U.S.A. as well as most other "advanced" western nations has become wholly owned "Ministries of Truth" by the Global Elite is a far greater threat to Western Democracy, and the American Republic than the distinct probability that Barack Hussein Obama might well technically be ineligible to be the President of an Empire rapidly approaching it's Zenith as our Commander in Thief bombastically struts like an adolescent Peacock while being Broadcast to a deliberately dumbed down popualation upon High Def Samsung Televisons made in China via a wholly owned subsidiary of Government Electric (GE) also known as the Nationalized Broadcast Corporation (NBC)

The fact that the Obama Administration is continuing the "Continuity of Government Sachs Agenda" of every sitting U.S. President since The former "Great Communicator" the snoozing Ronald Reagan allowed George Bush Senior to essentially run the mundane "day to day operations" of the U.S. Government, and is compliciant in the final stages of the deindustrialization of the U.S.A. via the charade of "Cap our oil and Trade our wealth offshore to foreign banksters is a far greater threat to our children, and grandchildren then the possibility that we are "wasting our time on such foolishness" as worrying about the actual birthplace of our de facto Global Dictator.

Essential Reading for the Post American President: CNN's Global Positional Snatching Fareed Zakaria's Playbook for Globalization

While in reality the fact that President Obama is merely the mouthpiece for the Global Elite; chosen by duh Glow Ball Elite for such a time as this he does possess ONE vital power over mankind: that being the control over "The Nuclear Football". And while President Obama may choose to spend his free time as he d*mn well pleases, and has the First Amendment freedom of reading such books as The Post American World when it comes to playing Reel Football why has the U.S. Corporate Media chosen to back an International Football Personality like Barack Beckham, Rather Dan an American Football player like Reggie White?

 Meanwhile the Lame Stream Media Chihuahua's gang tackle real American Patriots like a pack of wild hyena's if anyone like Dr. Jerome Corsi dares to challenge the actual birthplace of the Lying King Owe Bama.  While Freedom of Speech does give CNN/FOX/NBC/et al the right to mock just whoever their globalist owners d*mn well please, "We the People" also reserve the Liberty to Just Say No to Pinheads such as Bill O'Really (SIC) who cloak themselves in Patriotic make-up before bombastically cutting off any guests who have the audacity to challenge the governments official positions on such trivial matters as of the birthplace of a standing U.S. President, or the Official 9/11 Commission Report.

 Call us Afterbirther's, Truther's, Tea-baggers, Racist's whatever you insist you Media Perishing Slimeballs for We the People shall call you out for what you have disgracefully transformed your collectivist souls into: A Bunch of Yapping Lapdog Chihuahua's who have sold your collective souls for a bowl of Taco Bell Soul Food, Rather Dan cherishing your former birthright as the Watchdogs of our Republic.
Enjoy your seat at the Banquet Table of Duh New World Odor, for once the Beast fully ascends to his transitory throne what more need will he have for you media bloodhounds who have long ago lost your will to even try to sniff out a real story of government corruption. Enjoy your Hour of Power you bunch of Robert Schuller like media harlot's for your final destination is a Lago in Tierra Del Fuego!

Hasta La Vista you Media Perishing Babies!   Eye'll bee back for all of Eternity!

Dare wheel bee NOAH knead of duh services of media harlots in Da Eternal Kingdom of יהוה

Deal with it you pack of 9/11 Liars, and Owe Bama Birth Certifiers!!!

Ewe may cut Da Enter Net Nguyen ever Ewe may choose!

Ewe may falsely accuse us of "Hate Crimes"
Ewe may knot enter Da Eternal Kingdom of  יהוה

On Judge Meant Day when you are found complicant in Obamanable Crimes Ngyuen Ewe Media Perishing Harlots may bee found eternally guilty of Abominable acts,

Dan Ewe wood Rather knot shall choose to realize what duh punish meant for a Reel Hate Crime is!!! For when the Creator of Heaven and earth declares what he truly hates such as all liars, he refers to it as an:


Dr. Jerome Corsi To File Criminal Charges Against White House Over Obama Birth Certificate

Clear Channel radio station scrubs interview from audio archives

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet.com
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jerome Corsi has told a Cincinnati radio station that he is preparing to file criminal charges against the White House for producing a fraudulent birth certificate, as the controversial author of Where’s the Birth Certificate? closes in on the people within Obama’s inner circle he claims were behind the hoax.

“We believe the birth records released by Barack Obama on April 27th, the so called long form birth certificate, is fraudulent,” Corsi told radio host Bill Cunningham.

“I’m working on filing criminal charges on the White House, I think there will be criminal charges filed very soon for having fraudulently produced a birth certificate,” said Corsi, adding that he would seek an FBI investigation.

Corsi re-affirmed what he first revealed last week on the Alex Jones Show: the fact that he was close to identifying the individual who played a key role in forging the birth certificate, as well as the source document which the White House used to create the composite fake.

According to The Birther Report, the Clear Channel radio station on which Corsi appeared, 700 WLW later scrubbed the interview from their audio archives, a claim that was also carried by World Net Daily. The You Tube video above was made by a listener.

Clear Channel was also behind the removal of a billboard that was part of a World Net Daily campaign to bring attention to the birther issue in November 2009.

As we reported yesterday, Corsi is closing in on the people within Obama’s inner circle who were responsible for creating the fraudulent document that was released by the White House in electronic format and contains a plethora of errors and clear evidence of manipulation.

“I’m pretty well on the trail of linking the characteristics of this document to someone who’s going to have a lot of explaining to do,” said Corsi, adding that he was “hot on the trail” of one individual who “may have had a hand in this,” and that his identity would be released this week.

In a new development, WND reports that Obama’s Social Security number was issued in Connecticut, a state in which he never lived.
“The first three digits of Obama’s SSN are 042. That code of 042 falls within the range of numbers for Connecticut, which according to the Social Security Administration has been 040 through 049,” states the report.

“There is obviously a case of fraud going on here,” says Ohio licensed private investigator Susan Daniels. “In 15 years of having a private investigator’s license in Ohio, I’ve never seen the Social Security Administration make a mistake of issuing a Connecticut Social Security number to a person who lived in Hawaii. There is no family connection that would appear to explain the anomaly.”
Daniels said that Obama decided to hide his identity in the 80′s by taking a Social Security Number he couldn’t possibly have acquired without breaking the law.