Sunday, May 29, 2011

Texans Declare Independence from the New World Order: U.S. Justice Dept. Threatens a "No Fly Zone" if Texas does not submit to TSA Grope Downs

                 Freedom of Choice in 21st Century America:
                                  Radiation or Molestation?

While President Obama threw the weight of the west behind freedom in the Middle East during his recent address to both Houses of the British Parliament, a few hundred of his own "subjects" choose to spontaneously storm the Texas Capital to protest their rights to be free from the ever increasing lewd pat down, and groping procedures of the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. In his address to Parliament Obama pointed his finger at certain Middle Eastern leaders who have currently fallen out of favor with his band of neo-con globalists by declaring that:

"repression only offers the false promises of stability, that societies are more successful when their citizens are free and that democracies are the closest allies we have...We will proceed with humility and the knowledge that we cannot dictate outcomes abroad. Ultimately freedom must be won by people themselves."

Apparently President Obama does not desire for the American society to return to it's former level of success, when America before September 11, 2001 truly was:

 "The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave!"

What a glorious mission is the "Spreading of Democracy" to the Middle East? How wonderfully altruistic are the works of Hillary Clinton, and Barack Hussein Obama? Why it is their divine right to bring western style Democracy to the long oppressed peoples of the Middle East! 

Yet just what is now considered to be freedom in the United States? Well the office of the Presidency now has the freedom to ignore Congress, and their outdated War Powers Act. Obama also enjoys the freedom to not obey the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, as well as the Logan Act. Obama has virtual freedom to break both US and international laws against torture, as well as other laws, and procedures that were designed to protect the civil liberties of the people! And in the coming weeks we shall see that he does not need to obey the debt ceiling of the US government.

Oh what a blessing it will be to the people of the Middle East to finally enjoy the freedom, and liberties that the US citizens enjoy such as the freedom to between choosing while traveling to either being irradiated in a Michael Chertoff approved full naked body scanner, or enjoy the sensual pleasures of receiving a full body grope down at the hands of Big Sis Janet Napolitano's TSA goons!

Texan Alex Jones has been at the forefront to defend the freedoms, and liberties of the American people for the past couple of decades, and he has a preview for what the future of "freedom" will look, and "feel" like unless States like Texas, and Utah can take a stand to defend the freedom of States rights. The choice is clear, either take a stand for genuine freedom, and liberty; or take a seat while Obama acting as the de facto Caesar of Plan Net Earth destroys liberty under the name of "democracy."

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